Seminar: Young engagement for sustainable actions

This open seminar organized by the research group COSER (Challenges of Sustainability in Educational Research) focuses on young people's engagement for sustainability.

Young people marching with posters for climate action (photo by C. Shaw /Unsplash).

Across the world young people are getting involved for climate action (photo by C. Shaw /Unsplash).


  1. Professor Astrid Sinnes presents her new book «Action, takk! - Hva kan skolen lære av unge menneskers handlinger for bærekraftig utvikling?» («Action, please! - How can schools learn from young people's actions for sustainable development?»
  2. Karen O´Brien, ISS and cCHANGE, talks about education for change, how to involve young people and the online tool cCHALLENGE, which is part of research project SEAS (Science Education for Action and Engagement towards Sustainability).
  3. Students at Kuben Upper Secondary school talk about their experiences in cCHALLENGE project #KubenMakesAChange .
  4. A conversation between Astrid, Karen and students at Kuben Upper Secondary school.
Published Mar. 10, 2020 11:13 AM - Last modified Mar. 11, 2020 12:17 PM