Svein Sjøberg

Professor Emeritus
Image of Svein  Sjøberg
Postal address P.O.Box. 1099 Blindern 0851 Oslo

Educational background:

 Cand. real, Oslo University, 1970, nuclear physics

MA. in education, Leeds University 1975 (With distinction)

Practical Pedgogical Education (teaching certificate) Oslo University 1976

dr. philos, Oslo University 1982 (Thesis (in Norwegian): The theories of Jean Piaget and their relationship to physics as a discipline and as a school subject)

Prices and awards:

H.M. King Olavs price for best scientific dissertation (On the significance of Jean Piaget's theories to science education)  Oslo University 1978

H.M. King Olavs price for best scientific dissertation (On gender and science education), Oslo University 1983 (with co-writers)

Honorary doctor of Linköping University Sweden, 2004

International price for outstanding contribution to physics education, Awarded by ICPE (International Committee for Physics Education), a sub-group of  IUPAP (International Union of Pure and Applied Physics) 2005

 Research interests:

 Has been involved in curriculum reforms and textbooks for all levels. Has twice won H.M King Olav's gold medal for scientific dissertations. Research in cognitive development in science, gender and science education and international comparative research. Board member of IOSTE (International Organization for Science and Technology Education ( since 1994 (President  2002-04) and Member of the Advisory Group on the Science and Society action plan of the 6th Framework Programme of the EU FP6 (2002-06).

Current research interests:

Social, cultural and ethical aspects of science education, science education and development, gender and science education in developing countries. Critical approach to issues of scientific literacy and public understanding of science. Organizer of two comparative projects on pupils' interests, attitudes etc. of importance to science teaching and learning: SAS (Science And Scientists) and ROSE (The Relevance of Science Education (2002 ---) ROSE site:

Leader of the newly (2007) established research group KRIM (Gender/Kjønn, Recruitment, Interest and Motivation) in Science education.

Further information and articles on

Current activities:

International Academic activities and contacts (Web links given at home page:

Responsible for the current international ROSE-project (The Relevance Of Science Education), financed by the Research Council of Norway

Board member of IOSTE (International Organisation of Science and Technology Education) from 1994-2008 (President 2002 –2004)

Member of Advisory group on Science and Society action plan in Frame Program 6 of the European Union (2002 – 2006)

Member of 'High Level Expert Group' in the European Union for the stimulation of recruitment to science and technology (2003 – 2005) The report; Europe needs more scientists

Member of the OECD working group on the declining interest in studies in science and technology (2004-05)

Supervisor for several African PhD students in the GRASSMATE (Graduate Studies in Science, Mathematics and Technology Education) programme at University of Western Cape, South Africa (2002 --- )

Member of Danish national Committee to review the status of science education (2002-- 2003) Final report and strategic plan

Member of the Board of The Universe Foundation (Danfoss Universe), (Danish Science Centre) (2006- )

Member of  Scientific Committee for the National Graduate School in Science and Technology Education (Nationella Forskarskolan i Naturvetenskapernas og Teknikens Didaktik) ), Sweden   (2003 – 2006)

Member of The Board of AFCLIST (African Forum for Children's Literacy in Science and Technology) a pan-African organization that supports and promotes innovative projects in science education for children in sub-Saharan Africa.

Working for NORAD (Norwegian Agency for Development Cooperation) on several projects in Africa, mainly related to gender and science education. The main project is FEMSA (Female Education in Mathematics and Science in Africa

Member of Sachverständigenrat (Advisory Committee) for IPN (Leibniz-institut für die Pedagogik der Naturwissenschaften), The institute for Science education, Kiel, Germany. (1999 – 2006)

Evaluator (1998-99) of the Swedish NOT-project, a programme to enhance the interest in Science education. Member of the NOT advisory group for the new NOT-project, 1999 -- 2004.

Member of the international expert of Ciência Viva in Portugal, a large program to promote 'scientific culture' in Portuguese schools.

National coordinator for IEA/SISS (Second International Science Study), which has been followed by TIMSS (The Third International Mathematics and Science Study)

PhD examiner for 15 PhDs (in Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Australia)

National (Norwegian) academic activities and contacts

Member of the advisory board of Abelsenteret (in memory of the Norwegian mathematician Niels Henrik Abel).

Member of national curriculum reform groups for various levels of education.

Chair of Norwegian national Committee to review the status of science education (1993-95)

Member of the expert panel for NORLA, Norwegian Literature Abroad, Fiction & Non-fiction

Member of the award committee of NFF (Norsk Faglitterært Fond) Norwegian Non-Fiction Literature

Member of the expert panel on guidelines and principles for Norwegian curriculum reform (2003 – 2005)

Main administrative tasks:

Organizer of the project ROSE. The Relevance of Science Education

Organizer of the research group KRIM (Gender(Kjønn, Recuitment, Interst and Motivation) in Science Education

Member of the board of ILS


Teaching of various courses in Science education

Supervision of Master degrees in science education

Supervison of PhD's in science education

Completed projects:

Science education and citizenship (3 PhDs, supported by the reasearch Council of Norway)

SAS (Science and Scientists)

Other functions:

Editorial boards of Journals etc

Member of the Editorial Board of JRST (Journal of Research in Science Teaching), the journal of NARST (National Association for Science Teaching). (2001-05)

Member of the Editorial Advisory Board of the journal SSE (Studies in Science Education)

Member of the Editorial Board of International Science and Mathematics Education Journal

Member of the Editorial Board on Stockholm Library of Curriculum Studies

Member of the Editorial Board of Zeitshrift für Didaktik der Naturwissenschatften

Member of the Editorial Board of  Connect (UNESCO International Science, Technology & Environmental Education Newsletter)

Member of the Editorial Board of Science & Technology Education Library, Springer verlag  (previously Kluwer Academic)

Referee and reviewer

Vetenskapsrådet (The Swedish Research Council), Sweden

Norges forskningsråd (Research Council of Norway)

Östersjöstiftelsen, Sweden 

National Research Foundation (NRF), South Africa

The journal Science Education

The journal Scandinavian Journal of Educational Research

The journal Norsk Pedagogisk Tidsskrift


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