Faculty Administration

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Name Phone E-mail Tags
Picture of Miona Abe Abe, Miona Senior Executive Officer +47 22856093 miona.abe@uv.uio.no Financial management, project management, Budget, Accounts
Picture of Haris Ali Ali, Haris Principal Engineer +47 22856097 haris.ali@uv.uio.no
Picture of Theresa Shamini Amalathas Amalathas, Theresa Shamini Head Engineer +47 22854285 theresaa@uv.uio.no
Andersen, Per Kristian Adviser p.k.andersen@uv.uio.no
Austdal, Linda Higher Executive Officer +47 22858018 linda.austdal@uv.uio.no
Picture of Jens Martin Bertheussen Bertheussen, Jens Martin Head Engineer +47 22858119 j.m.bertheussen@uv.uio.no
Picture of Monica Bjermeland Bjermeland, Monica 98684916 monica.bjermeland@uv.uio.no Research communication, Social media
Boholm, Cecilie Brinck Faculty coordinator for internationalisation +47 22 85 78 70 c.b.boholm@uv.uio.no
Picture of Shane David Colvin Colvin, Shane David Senior Engineer +47 22858015 +47 92436625 shanecol@uv.uio.no Communications, video, sound-media, graphic design, marketing, branding, photography
Picture of Elise Koppang Frøjd Frøjd, Elise Koppang Senior adviser - on leave
Gobinath, Jannani Higher Executive Officer +47 22856068 jannani.gobinath@uv.uio.no
Grude, Kristin Schøyen Senior Executive Officer +47 22856630 k.s.grude@uv.uio.no
Picture of Hanna Karv Karv, Hanna Seniorrådgiver +47 22859413 hanna.karv@uv.uio.no Research administration, External funding, EU, project management
Kazazic, Meliha Senior Executive Officer +47 22858304 meliha.kazazic@uv.uio.no
Picture of Bård Kjos Kjos, Bård Faculty Director +47 22858240 +47 91897458 +4791897458 bard.kjos@uv.uio.no
Picture of Trine Labahå Labahå, Trine Senior Adviser +47 22858055 trine.labaha@uv.uio.no Economy, Budget, Purchasing, Accounts, Financial management
Majid, Sumera Adviser +47 22845307 sumera.majid@uv.uio.no PhD, Dr.philos, Doctoral Courses, Admission, Defence
Picture of Randi Helen Halnes Melheim Melheim, Randi Helen Halnes Adviser +47 22854135 r.h.h.melheim@uv.uio.no
Moradpor, Bahar Higher Executive Officer +47 22850349 bahar.moradpor@uv.uio.no
Picture of Pascal Nicolas Morize Morize, Pascal Nicolas Section Manager +47 22858264 p.n.morize@uv.uio.no
Picture of Anders Moss Moss, Anders Section Manager +47 22851053 anders.moss@uv.uio.no Personnel administration
Picture of Hanne Skjølås Nygaard Nygaard, Hanne Skjølås Adviser +47-22855332 h.s.nygaard@uv.uio.no Personnel administration, Recruiting, Employment, Absence, Leave of absence
Picture of Emily Oswald Oswald, Emily Researcher +47 22840732 emilyco@iped.uio.no IDEA, innovation, digitization
Picture of Joachim Pacheco-Lie Pacheco-Lie, Joachim Chief Executive officer +47 228 41 838 joachim.pacheco-lie@admin.uio.no
Picture of Vibeke Christine Riddervold Riddervold, Vibeke Christine Adviser +47 22856236 v.c.riddervold@uv.uio.no Personnel administration, Recruiting, Employment, Absence, Leave of absence