Mørch, A.I., Litherland, K.T., & Andersen, R. // End-User Development Goes to School: Collaborative Learning with Makerspaces in Subject Areas

Conference paper. End-User Development. IS-EUD 2019. Lecture Notes in Computer Science. 2019

Part of the Lecture Notes in Computer Science book series (LNCS, volume 11553)


Norwegian K-12 curriculum reform for 2020 aims to integrate programming in different subject areas, especially math, natural sciences, arts and crafts, and music. There are challenges and opportunities associated with this scenario. A challenge is that students need to learn two topics simultaneously, and an opportunity is that teachers can adopt computer science skills gradually by building on their domain expertise and the notion of different levels of modification since most teachers are not yet fluent in computer science. We present an exploratory case study to show that end-user development (EUD) is a possible solution for the Norwegian situation. The case study demonstrates evidence of collaborative learning with EUD in a makerspace in an advanced placement science classroom for a mixture of gifted underachievers and high-achievers.

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