Hontvedt, M., Silseth, K., & Wittek, L. // Professional collaboration in teacher support teams: A study of creative problem-solving processes among teacher and nurse educators.

Journal article. Scandinavian Journal of Educational Research. 2019


This paper reports on a study of Teacher Support Teams (TSTs) established to generate peer support and collaboration among teacher and nurse educators at a Norwegian university. In TST groups, educators share experiences from their own teaching practices and support one another in solving work-related problems. By the use of interaction analysis, three types of support were identified: (1) sharing solutions to teaching-related problems, (2) providing personal and emotional support and (3) creative problem-solving. The findings show that the participants’ dissimilar professional backgrounds and their positioning as “peers” rather than “experts” functioned as important drivers for creative problem-solving processes.

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Published Dec. 19, 2019 1:54 PM - Last modified Jan. 28, 2021 12:07 PM