Ludvigsen, S. & Steier, R. // Reflections and looking ahead for CSCL: Digital infrastructures, digital tools, and collaborative learning

Journal article. International Journal of Computer-Supported Collaborative Learning. 2019

Extract from article

"After four years as Editor-in-Chief and Managing Editor, respectively, we have read, dwelled on, and made judgements about several hundred CSCL papers. (As Managing Editor, Rolf has worked with the accepted manuscripts in addition to review work.) We believe that this overview has given us a deeper insight into CSCL as a developing field of knowledge and into what CSCL researchers want to achieve and emphasize. As an interdisciplinary field, CSCL changes over time as new technologies emerge and the field itself shifts, modifying its conceptual, methodological, research, and design perspectives as well as its empirical concerns.

CSCL is one of the two strands of research in the learning sciences; the other strand manifesting itself through The Journal of the Learning Sciences and the associated conferences. Though there is a substantial overlap between these two research strands, with human learning as a core issue for both, CSCL is defined as a triad structure of collaboration that is mediated by a computational artifact (participant - artifact - participant). In this editorial, we will emphasize some significant ideas that we have observed in the IJCSCL and how they might influence the future of the field. We will not attempt to provide an extensive description of the papers published in the period from 2016 to 2019. However, both the original papers and the squibs published during this period are the backdrop for this editorial."

For article: Ludvigsen, S., Steier, R. Reflections and looking ahead for CSCL: digital infrastructures, digital tools, and collaborative learning. Intern. J. Comput.-Support. Collab. Learn 14, 415–423 (2019)

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