Student democracy

The students are represented in all boards and councils where decisions affecting the students are being made. By getting involved you will gain an understanding of how the University, Faculty and your Department functions, and you will be part of an interesting and broadening environment.

Student influence at the Faculty of Educational Sciences

As a student at the Faculty of Educational Sciences (UV) you have the opportunity to get involved at a number of different levels. As a student representative you will not only be able to promote issues that are important to the students, you will also receive valuable experience from board activities, and a large contact network at the University of Oslo.


The University of Oslo's highest decision-making body is the University Board, and the students sitting on this Board constitute the Student Parliament. It is their responsibility to develop long-term, unified policy, to address important specific issues and to promote them to the University Board, the Ministry, the NSU (Norwegian Student Union) and other relevant bodies.

The Faculty Board is the highest decision-making body at the Faculty and is responsible for establishing the faculty's goals, priorities, and strategies.The Faculty of Educational Sciences' Student Committee is the highest decision-making student committee at UV and has two representatives on the Faculty Board who promote the interests of students.



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