New Nordic Centre of Excellence for research on teaching quality

The centre Quality in Nordic Teaching (QUINT) will contribute to new insights concerning teaching and learning, by studying classrooms in the Nordic countries.

– The researchers of QUINT will combine different research methods, and video analysis is one of them, says Kirsti Klette. Photo: Charlotta Järf/Alex Tufte.

A Nordic team of researchers led by Professor Kirsti Klette at the Department of Teacher Education and School Research is granted a new Nordic Centre of Excellence.

– Internationally “the Nordic school” is believed by many to be a rather homogeneous phenomenon. However, several studies from these countries imply that there are vast differences, says Klette.

With years of experience researching quality of teaching, Klette has seen a quite thematically divided field of research. This has made it difficult to compare findings and designs:

– Through the cooperation in QUINT we will be able to combine different research traditions and methodological perspectives, allowing us to systematically and comparatively examine teaching in Nordic schools, as well as relations between teaching and learning.

QUINT also aims to improve teacher education and continuing education. For example by facilitating video analysis of teaching situations, Klette explains:

– This will provide a unique insight into the work of teachers in Nordic classrooms.

– In this way the QUINT centre will both provide new knowledge about Nordic schools and contribute to their development, says Klette.

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Published Mar. 1, 2018 2:07 PM - Last modified Jan. 10, 2019 2:29 PM