Partners and collaborative institutions

The consortium is made up of 5 institutions/projects as active partners. 25 RCN funded national research projects (5 universities and 4 university colleges) and 5 international research groups/projects will collaborate with eVIR.

Photo: Department of Teacher Education and School Research

Photo: Department of Teacher Education and School Research

Active partners

The Faculty of Educational Sciences (FoE) is one of the largest educational research communities in Europe (see support letter). It consists of 3 departments (Department of Education, Department of Special Needs Education, Department of Teacher Education and School Research), and a research centre on psychometric expertise (CEMO)

Department of Psychology (DOP) is one of the largest departments at the university with an international research profile in cognitive/neuropsychology, clinical psychology, social psychology, developmental psychology and work-/organizational psychology.

Department of Musicology (DOM) is the largest musicology institution in the Nordic region. Research is done in two labs: Music and Motion Lab (Musicology), Sound Interaction Lab. (withDept. of Informatics)

Related research group: fourMs - Music, Mind, Motion, Machines

Projects related to eVIR: MICRO - Human Bodily Micromotion in Music Perception and Interaction

USIT is responsible for providing the infrastructure and the IT-services that the UiO needs to achieve its goals for education and research. As one of the country’s largestIT organizations, USIT have the necessary resources to support the eVIR project. The USIT section for IT in research (ITR) and its units for Research Infrastructure (RI) and Research Services (RS) have been a resource for researchers inside and outside of UiO.

Norwegian Centre for Research Data (NSD) is a national archive for research data and a research infrastructure facility, its principal mission being to facilitate access to data for empirical research, providing a variety of services to researchers in Norway as well as abroad.


Name Project leader Relevant expertise

International Collobarative projects and institutions

Stanford University Center for Studies of Excellence in Teaching

Prof. Pam Grossman / prof. Janet Carlsson

Professional development, coding manuals

University of Michigan Institute of Social Research /MET-study

Prof. Brian Rowan

Metadatabase, access systems, measures and indicators

University of Melbourne / LPS study

Prof. David Clarke

Recording systems, metadata development

Technical univesity of Munich IPN study

Prof. Tina Seidel

Development of international codes, professional development

University of Helsinki

A.Prof. Fritjof Sahström

Comparative video studies: Video research in everyday settings.


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