Master programmes at ILS

Master programme in Educational Leadership

The Master Programme in Educational Leadership qualifies for leadership and development positions in both the educational sector and other areas in the public and private sectors. The Master Programme is taught in Norwegian and covers 120 ECTS, equivalent to two years full time study.

Upon completion of the Master Programme the candidate should have developed knowledge, skills and general competency as a basis for leadership tasks and for further studies:


The candidate

  • understands central terms and theories within the area of educational leadership
  • has good insight into scientific thinking and methodology
  • contemplates how educational systems are governed and regulated, and how leadership is executed in the interplay between local, national and international contexts


The candidate

  • can utilize theory and research as a basis for professional leadership in learning organizations
  • can conduct an independent, limited research project according to subject related, methodological and ethical guidelines
  • can apply theory and research in analysis of practical problems, thus enabling problem solving
  • can justify subject related choices based on research, and communicate such choices written and orally
  • can make judgments on quality and efficiency in the educational sector
  • can contribute to development of the educational sector in light of experience and boundaries


The candidate

  • can use knowledge and professional ways of expression in their communication with other actors in the field of education
  • demonstrates a critical and  inquisitive approach to knowledge and practice in the field of education
  • can demonstrate ethical judgment when facing subject related and practical problems
  • can contribute constructively and critically to developmental and transformational projects



Master Studies in Subject Didactics

Master Studies in Subject Didactics are of a variety of Master Specialisations in the University's Teacher Education Programme (LeP), and constitute the three remaining terms of this programme (90 credits).

When completing the programme, the student is granted the title Master of Culture, Languages and Social Sciences or Master of Natural Sciences, and the programme qualifies for teaching in upper secondary schools.

At present the Department of Teacher Education and School Research offers Master Studies in:

  • Subject Didactics of Norwegian
  • Subject Didactics of English
  • Subject Didactics of the Social Sciences
  • Subject Didactics of the Natural Sciences
  • Subject Didactics of Religion and Ethics
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