English written doctoral dissertations from the Department of Education since 2000

The Department of Education has produced several English written PhD dissertations since 2000.

** = Dissertations from the now merged InterMedia centre.


Master Caro Seland Kirsebom 

  • Will you be upset with me? Normativity, framing and complex educational address. 

Master Eli Tronsmo

  • Local curriculum development as knowledge work: A study of collaborative epistemic practices in the teaching profession. 


Master Sverre Tveit

  • Policy Legitimation of Educational Assessment Reforms. The Cases of Norway and Sweden.

Master Rachel Sweetman

  • Exploring the enactment of learning outcomes in higher education: Contested interpretations and practices through policy nets, knots, and tangles.

Master Jørgen Smedsrud 

  • Mathematically gifted adolescents in Norway: Exploring mathematically gifted adolescents' experience with the school system in Norway.

Master Rachelle Esterhazy

  • Productive feedback practices in higher education. Investigating social and epistemic relations in two undergraduate courses.

Master Anna Therese Steen-Utheim

  • Students’ sense making of feedback. Dialogue, interaction and emotions.

Master Renate Andersen

  • Mutual Development in Online Collaborative Processes. Three Case Studies of Artifact Co-creation at Different Levels of Participation.

Master Marianne Takvam Kindt

  • Beyond heritage and acculturation. Accounts of upbringing, choices, and plans from children of immigrants in prestigious higher education in Norway.

Master Suitbert Emil Lyakurwa

  • Universal design for learning towards achieving inclusive higher education in Tanzania.


Cand.polit. Thomas Eri

  • Teacher and librarian partnerships in literacy education: Contradictions, Barriers and Opportunities.

Master Fesseha Abadi Weldemichael 

  • Integrated Functional Adult Literacy Education for Empowerment and Sustainable Development in Ethiopia. A Comparative Study of Tigray and Amhara Regions.

Master Kristin Rogde

  • Improving children's linguistic comprehension skills. A systematic review and a randomized controlled trial.

Master Christine Ijino Oyenak

  • Decentralisation and Multiculturalism in the Sudan / South Sudan. An Analysis of the Policy and Practice of Multicultural Education in Selected Public Primary Schools in South Sudan.

Master Irina Engeness

  • Learning and Teaching with Digital Tools: Insights for Learning Arising from the Cultural-Historical Theory.

Master Caroline Cruaud 

  • The Playful Frame. Design and use of a gamified application for foreign language learning.


Master Jarmila Bubikova-Moan

  • Discursive portraits of language, literacy and learning: emerging bilinguals in Norway.

Master Solveig Roth

  • Educational trajectories in Cultural worlds: An ethnographic study of multiethnic girls across different levels of schooling.

Mag.art. Vidar Grøtta

  • The transformation of humanities education. The case of Norway 1960-2000 in a systems-theoretical perspective.

PhD Per Hetland

  • Rethinking the Social Contract between Science and Society: Steps to an Ecology of Science Communication.

Cand.polit. Jan Erik Dahl

  • Digital annotation: An empirical and conceptual study of an emerging medium for communication and learning.


Master Jane Barongo Bakahwemama

  • Change of Language of Instruction for Science and Mathematics in Grade Five in Zanzibar: What was the Reasoning Behind the Policy Change?

Cand.ed. Helene Fulland

  • Language minority children’s perspectives on being bilingual - On ‘bilanguagers’ and their sensitivity towards complexity.

Cand.ed. Ester Fremstad

  • Taking responsibility toward the public: University academics' imaginaries and experiences.

Master Mari Elken

  • Standardizing education? The development of the European Qualifications Framework and national qualifications frameworks.

Master Jens Jungblut

  • Party Politics in Higher Education Policy - Partisan Preferences, Coalition Positions and Higher Education Policy in Western Europe.

Master Robin Ulriksen

  • The achievement and attainment gap: Influences from home and School.


Master Anders Johan Nordahl-Hansen 

  • Assessment of Language and Social communication in Children With Autism: Measurement Issues.

Master Magnus Hontvedt

  • Simulations in Maritime Training. A video study of the socio-technical organisation of ship simulator training.

Master Robsan Margo Egne

  • Ethiopia in Transition: A Multicultural Education Perspective on Teacher Education Policies, Curricula, and Practices.

Master Hege Yvonne Hermansen 

  • Knowledge work in the teaching profession: Opening up the black box of teachers' engagement with Assessment for Learning.

Master Christina Elde Mølstad 

  • State-Based Curriculum-Making - A Study of Curriculum in Norway and Finland.

Master Alfredo Jornet Gil 

  • The Bodily and Contextual Foundations of Conceptual Coherence and Continuity. Case studies from the teaching and learning of science inquiry.


Master Rose Ephraim Matete

  • Decentralisation in Tanzanian Education and Teacher Accountability. The Case of Primary School Management in Kinondoni Municipality and Mbeya City.

Master Rolf Steier

  • Embodied Meaning Making and the Museum: Bodies, artifacts, and spaces in sociocultural approaches to museum learning and design.

Master Elin Borg 

  • Beyond a dual understanding of gender differences in school achievement: A study of the gender gap among youth in Oslo secondary schools.

Master Martina Vukasovic 

  • How does Europe matter for higher education change? A study about changes of policy and organization in higher education.

Cand.polit. Jan Arild Dolonen

  • Collaborative design and use of digital learning resources. Analysing the processes and products of collaborative design and computer-supported collaborative learning scenarios in education.


MSc Crina Damsa

  • Knowledge Co-construction and Object-oriented Collaboration. A Study of Learning through Collaborative Construction of Knowledge Objects in Higher Education.

Cand.scient. Anders McDonald Sookermany 

  • On Developing (Post)modern Soldiers - An Inquiry into the Ontological and Epistemological Foundation of Skill-Acquisition in an Age of Military Transformation.

MSc & MA Dorothy Sutherland Olsen 

  • Interdisciplinary Collaboration in Science-based Technologies: Studies of knowledge creation in nanoscience and nanotechnologies.

Cand.ed. Monika Kvernenes

  • Bedside Teaching among Novice Medical Teachers. Mapping conceptions of bedside teaching and exploring change within the context of a teaching community.

Master in Education Zehlia Babaci-Wilhite

  • Local Languages in Schooling as a Right in Education. A Case Study of Curriculum in Zanzibar.

Master in Education Leila Ferguson

  • Making sense of multiple texts: An investigation into epistemic beliefs and multiple-text comprehension when students read about controversial science topics.

Master in Education Kenneth Silseth

  • Constructing learning dialogically; Learners, contexts and resources. Exploring how students and teachers participate in game-based learning and digital storytelling in educational settings.

Master in Education Ratib Lekahl

  • The Realationship Between Children`s Attendance in Norwegian Childcare Centers and Language Behavioral Development During Early Childhood.

Hovedfagskandidat Monica Johannesen

  • The Sociomateriality of Teaching. Virtual Learning Environments in Teaching Practice.


Cand.polit Hilde Wågås Afdal

  • Constructing Knowledge for the Teaching Profession. A Comparative Analysis of Policy Making, Curricula Content and Novice Teachers` Knowledge Relations in the Cases of Finland and Norway.

M.A Marie Louise Mifsud

  • Learning with Mobile Technologies. Perspectives on Mediated Actions in the Classroom.

M.phil Heidi Biseth

  • Educators as Custodians of Democracy. A Comparative Investigation of Democracy in Multicultural School Environments in the Scandinavian Capitals.

M.phil Blackson Kanukisya

  • Globalization Impacts on Adult Education - A Comparative Study of Adult Education Policies and Practices in Tanzania and Uganda.

M.phil Romulo Pinheiro

  • In the Region, for the Region? A Comparative Study of the Institutionalisation of The Regional Mission of Universities.

M.phil Moshi Mussa Kimizi

  • Language and Self-Confidence: Examining the Relationship between Language of Instruction and Students' Self-Confidence in Tanzanian Secondary Education.


Cand.ed. Kristin Børte

  • Software Effort Estimation as Collaborative Planning Activity.

M.Phil. Greta Bjørk Gudmundsdottir

  • From Digital Divide to Digital Opportunities? A Critical Perspective on The Digital Divide in South African Schools.


Cand.polit. Thomas de Lange **

  • Technology and Pedagogy: Analysing Digital practices in Media Education.

Cand.polit. Pål Fugelli

  • Intersubjectivity and Objects of Knowledge: Making Sense Across Sites in Software Development

Cand.polit. Cecilie Flo Jahreie **

  • Learning to Teach. An Activity-theoretical Study of Student Teachers’ Participation Trajectories Across Boundaries.

Cand.polit. Øystein Gilje

  • Mode, Mediation and Moving Images. An Inquiry of Digital Editing Practices in Media Education.

Cand.paed. Anniken Furberg **

  • Scientific Inquiry in Web-based Learning Environments. Exploring technological, Epistemic and Institutional Aspects of Students' Meaning Making.


M.Phil. Sheri Lee Bastien

  • HIV Prevention Among Young People in- and out- of- school in Kilimanjaro, Tanzania.

Cand.philol. Karianne Skovholt

  • E-mail Literacy in the Workplace. A Study of Interaction Norms, Leadership Communication, and Social Networks in a Norwegian Distributed Work Group.

Cand. philol. Håvard Skaar

  • Digital Media Literacy: Children in and out of School.

M.phil Teklu Abate Bekele

  • Learning Impacts of Technologies in Higher Education. Methodological and Theoretical Issues in and for Research.


Cand.paed. Kirsten Sivesind

  • Reformulating Reform. Curriculum History Revisited.


Cand.polit. Ivar Solheim

  • Learning by Bootstrapping: A Study of Constructivist Multimediated Learning.

Cand.polit. Tone Dyrdal Solbrekke

  • Understanding Conceptions of Professional Responsibility.

M.Phil. Mwajuma Siama Vuzo

  • Revisiting the Language Policy in Tanzania: A Comparative Study of Geography Classes Taught in Kiswahili and English.

M.Phil. Halima Mohammed Mwinsheikhe

  • Overcoming the Language Barrier. An in-depth Study of Tanzanian Secondary School Science Teachers' and Students' Strategies in Coping with the English-Kiswahili Dilemma in the Teaching/ Learning Process .

Cand.paed. Veslemøy Rydland

  • Expressing Own Voice in Peer Interaction. A Longitudinal Study of Second-language Learners in Preschool and First Grade.


M.Phil. Lakshman Kumar Punchi Wedikkarage

  • English as Medium of Instruction for Collegiate Level Science Classes in Sri Lanka: Theory, Policy and Practice.

M.Phil. Liu Fengshu

  • Modernization as Lived Experiences. Identity Construction of Young Adult Only- children in Present- day China

M.Phil. Rosah Moonga Malambo

  • Understanding School Health and HIV/AIDS Education in Zambian Culture


Cand.paed. Arne Lervåg

  • Prediction of Development in Beginning Reading and Spelling: A Norwegian Latent Variable Study.

M.Phil. Halla Holmarsdottir

  • From Policy to Practice. A study of Implementation of the Language- in- Education Policy (LiEP) in Three South African Primary Schools.


Cand.paed. Hans Christian Arnseth

  • Discourse and Artefacts in Learning to Argue. Analysing the Practical Management of Computer Supported Collaborative Learning.

Cand.polit. Elaine Munthe

  • Teachers' Professional Certainty. A Survey Study of Norwegian Teachers' Perceptions of Profession Certainty in Relation to Demographic, Workplace, and Classroom Variables. 
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