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Course: Introduction to Eye Tracking technologies. [Video-recording available]

[Video-recording available] Learn about what eye tracking is, what types of eye trackers exist, what we can measure, and how we can analyze the data.

Video recording of presentation (in Norwegian):

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Short course description

A variety of eye trackers are available on the market, ranging from relatively cheap to expensive eye trackers with advanced precision and accuracy. We will discuss the benefits of each one, how these can be used, and present what Oslo SPeLL has available in eye tracking hardware and software. We will briefly discuss how a typical experiment can be set up, how eye tracking data can be analyzed, and how eye tracking can be used to investigate aspects of reading fluency.

Sign up

Sign up here (nettskjema). The course will be over Zoom. (If the form does not work: email for sign up).

Target audience

The introductory course is aimed for researchers and students with little experience in eye tracking who wish to acquire some fundamental knowledge on eye tracking research, and what Oslo SPeLL can offer in terms of eye tracking.

Instructor: Anders Lunde.


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