Elektroencefalography (EEG) to Oslo SpesialPedagogikk- og LæringsLab

We are excited to announce that EEG is now available at Oslo SpesialPedagogikk- og LæringsLab.

Two 32-channel amplifiers from Brain Products

EEG amplifierThe lab has purchased two 32-channel actiCHamp Plus EEG amplifiers from Brain Products. These can be combined for use as a single 64-channel amplifier. The equipment can be set up at our lab facilities, or as portable devices for use in the field.

    User-friendly and powerful analysis software

    Analyzer 2 software from Brain Products makes it relatively easy to analyze EEG data. Explore differences between study populations by investigating Event-Related Potentials, brain-waves, and more. 

    Biophysical sensors

    The system comes integrated with a number of biophysical sensors that can be used alone, or together with EEG measurement:

    • Baby with EEG capTemperature sensor for detection of skin temperature change
    • Galvanic skin response (sweat response detection)
    • Blood heart rate sensor (heart rate)
    • 3D acceleration sensor (motion detection)
    • Respiratory belt set (breathing frequency)

    Integrate with eye-tracking

    The software and hardware allow for integrating EEG experiments with most eye-tracking systems, including Tobii and SR Research Eye Link.

    Build real-time brain-computer interfaces

    The advanced recording software RecView allows you to design stimuli presentation and more that reacts to real-time EEG signals, biophysical events, and eye-tracking data. This enables building "real-time brain-computer interfaces".

    Published Dec. 9, 2019 3:54 PM - Last modified Jan. 7, 2021 3:41 PM