Supervision of the Master's Thesis

All students admitted to the Master's programmes at the Department of Special Needs Education are assigned a supervisor to guide and advice them through their work on the master's thesis. The assignment of supervisors takes place at the end of the third semester of the Master's programme, after completion of the Master's Thesis seminar. The department appoints supervisors on the basis of the research proposal. The assignment of a supervisor presupposes that the research proposal has been approved. Students may indicate a wish for a particular supervisor but the final decision of the assignment rests with the department. 

With a scope of 40 credits, the Master's thesis entitles the students to receive up to 10 hours of supervision per thesis. Two students writing together receive in total 10 hours of supervision. 

Supervision is compulsory, i.e. you can not submit your master thesis without having actively participated in supervision (cf. Regulations governing studies and examinations at the University of Oslo § 2.5.7).

Supervision can be given individually or in groups, by email, phone or skype. You are yourself responsible for contacting your supervisor and making appointments for supervision.   

Your are expected to prepare for and attend the supervision. If you are not able to attend the meetings you must notify your supervisor beforehand. 

Supervision agreement

A written supervision agreement must be submitted immediately after you have been assigned a supervisor. The agreement shall ensure the mutual rights and duties in the supervisory relationship. 

We recommend that you bring the agreement form to the first meeting with your supervisor. The agreement must be filled in and signed by both parties. When signed by both your supervisor and yourself, the agreement must be delivered to the department for approval. 

The deadline for delivering the signed agreement is 

  • February 1st  for the spring semester
  • September 1st  for the fall semester

Both the student and the supervisor shall notify the department of any serious problem in the supervisory relationship. In such cases the student or supervisor may request to be released from the supervisory relationship and a different supervisor may be considered. 

Supervision agreement form

Ethical guidelines for supervisors

Supervisors are expected to carry out their supervision responsibilities in accordance with the ethical guidelines for supervisors at UiO

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