Master's Thesis and Supervision

All students at the Faculty of Educational Sciences are assigned a thesis supervisor. The relationship between student and supervisor is regulated by rules and requirements and a binding agreement.

Supervision Contract

All master students are entitled to a supervisor when writing their thesis and have to commit themselves to the guidelines set for the supervision. Before the work on the master thesis can start, both supervisor and student must sign the supervision agreement. For changes please use the second part of the contract (Amendments to Supervisor Agreement).

Supervision contract (pdf) (odt)

Supervision contract for HE and CIE IPED (pdf) 

Master i pedagogikk ("Veiledning")

Amendments to supervisor agreement (pdf) (odt)

Important information can be found in the attachment to the contract.


The University of Oslo has developed ethical guidelines for supervisors.

Supervisor Appointment

Are you wondering about how supervisors are assigned? Contact your Department.

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