Apply for a research fellowship at the Faculty of Educational Sciences

Doctoral research fellowships are regularly advertised at the Faculty of Educational Sciences. When you are appointed to a research fellowship, you are automatically admitted to the PhD programme.

What is a doctoral research fellowship?

As a doctoral research fellow, you are employed in an academic position on a temporary contract at one of the Faculty’s departments or centres for the purpose of completing a PhD. You will either be appointed for three years with a 100% focus on the organized research training or for four years with 25% required duties at your department. Doctoral research fellowships at the faculty are usually advertised for a term of four years.

Am I qualified to apply?

The criteria are set out in the advertisements.

You are normally qualified if you have:

  • completed an education of at least five years, with at least two of them resulting in a second degree (Master's degree in Education/Special Needs Education, Education Management, Master's degree from the Teacher Education programme (LP)) at the Faculty or other relevant education at a similar level in a relevant field
  • a Master’s dissertation of at least 30 credits
  • a Master’s degree with a grade of A or B (ECTS)

Other relevant higher level education together with scientific publications may provide grounds for admission. This is assessed on a case-by-case basis.

How do I apply for a doctoral research fellowship?

UiO uses an electronic recruitment portal. Upload your application, information about yourself and relevant attachments to the portal. We recommend that you prepare all of your documentation before beginning the application process. Applications are sent electronically. The advertisement contains a link to the recruitment portal.

Vacant academic positions at the Faculty of Educational Sciences

The following documents must be enclosed with applications:

  • application letter
  • completed application form
  • project description
  • CV and relevant diplomas/certificates including result of the Toefl test or of the IELTS test.
  • list of academic publications, if applicable

Guidelines for the project description

English Language qualifications

International applicants are required to have a good command in English for attending the PhD programme. An applicant must document proficiency in English by taking an internationally recognised test. The requirements are the same as for admission to master's degree programmes.

If you are recommended for the position, the Faculty will ask you to submit original documentation of your previous education and/or ask you to secure that your examination institution sends us copies of the necessary documents directly to the Faculty.

Admission to the PhD programme

When you are appointed as a doctoral research fellow at the Faculty, you are automatically admitted to the Faculty's PhD programme provided that your earlier education is accepted. The programme provides the framework for your organized research training, which includes PhD courses, supervision, seminars and thesis work.

You will normally be admitted to the programme for four years, with 25% required duties (e.g. teaching). The Department you are affiliated with will specify your required duties.

Admission to the PhD programme is formalized in an admission agreement (docx) (part B of the document). This will be sent to you as soon as a decision on your appointment has been made and you have accepted the position. You must sign the agreement and return it to your Department/Centre, which will appoint your supervisors. Your supervisors and the Department will sign the agreement.

The admission and supervision agreement should be signed within four weeks of admission to the PhD programme. The agreement will stipulate the topic of the thesis, the agreement period, the funding plan, supervision arrangements, and the place of work. The agreement will clarify the responsibilities, rights and obligations of the candidate, supervisors, Faculty and Department.

The agreement and the admission letter stipulate the period of admission to the PhD programme, i.e. the start and end date. The admission period for a candidate who has been employed as a doctoral research fellow is the same as the period of employment.

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