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Application and admission - PhD

There are two methods of applying for admission to a PhD programme:

1) apply for an advertised doctoral research fellowship

2) apply for admission with external funding (from 1 February 2017 the Faculty receive applications ongoing without any deadline).

Apply for a research fellowship at the Faculty of Educational Sciences

In order to apply for a doctoral research fellowship at the Faculty of Educational Sciences, one or more vacancies must have been advertised.

Doctoral research fellowships linked to subjects, fields, projects or units are advertised by the relevant department with different deadlines.

If your application for a doctoral research fellowship is successful, you will be made a temporary employee of UiO while you complete the organized research training for the PhD, and have the same rights and benefits as other employees during this period.

Apply for admission to the PhD programme with external funding

You can apply for admission to the programme if your PhD programme is funded by another institution or enterprise. You must be affiliated with an active research environment. Examples of external funding:

  • PhD doctoral research fellowship at a university college/other university
  • other employment at a scientific institution with time to conduct own research
  • a scholarship from your home university, or other funding scheme
  • corporate funding
  • funding under the Research Council of Norway's Public Sector PhD scheme or the Industrial PhD scheme

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Who is admitted?

Persons admitted to the PhD programme must have excellent grades and a good project outline.

Admission to the PhD programme requires funding for the full period. The funding may take the form of a doctoral research fellowship or other funding that covers all necessary costs.

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