Services provided by TLVlab

Planning/ application/ recommendations concerning your project

  • Advice concerning routines for managing and storing data, and space for storing data through Services for sensitive data (TSD).
  • Advice concerning planning for gathering data, equipment etc.
  • Advice concerning project planning and applications for video projects

Gathering data

  • Our lab can provide the equipment and competence for recording video and audio in classrooms etc. This includes
    • simple camera solutions
    • wireless microphones
    • advanced multi camera recording systems
    • simple audio recorders
  • TLVlab can provide software for question forms through web or mobile solutions.
  • We are in the process of acquiring equipment for the use of Eyetracking for mobile, screen or free movement.


  • TLVlab has years of experience working with researchers within the field of school and classroom research, and can provide a variety of technological solutions for this type of research and analysis.

Storing and managing data/ metadata 

  • In cooperation with USIT / TSD og NSD we provide safe storage with standards for metadata, in accordance with the rules that apply with in Humanities and Social Sciences.
Published Jan. 10, 2017 2:03 PM