Torgeir Christiansen

Chief Engineer - Teknisk-adminstrativ gruppe
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Phone +47 22854137
Visiting address Moltke Moes vei 35 Niels Henrik Abels hus 0851 Oslo
Postal address Postboks 1099 Blindern 0317 Oslo

Main administrative tasks:

  •  IT solutions and support at ILS, including support of servers and client computers.
  • Support of IT systems in research groups at UV. 
  • All kinds of IT projects at both ILS, UV and "Fleksibel LÆrings" projects at UiO


  • Standard communication software like Email blogs and so on
  • Standard Office, OS and related systems
  • Some video capture, storage and analyzing methods

Educational background:

Cand Mag. at the Electronics group, Physics Group

2007 Cand. Scient med oppgaven "Big brother i klasserommet", med video som verktøy for klasseromsforskning i PISA+

Research interests:

  • Video in classrooms
  • Video and other technology use in classroom observations, use and effect on research methods
  • Video Coding standards - national and international
  • Metadata archives solutions like
  • Digital sources, and achieving for the future
  • Communication on the Internet, and outside world. How and what it does with its users and communities: blog mm, wiki, Internet virtual worlds like World of Warcraft or Second life, Other tools, like discussions groups and son on
  • Technology

Current activities:

2007 Complete Master (Hovedfag).

2007 Staff directory version 2 needs to be completed.

2007 Establishing archive systems for video and other material witch needs a lot of space, and handling and metadata systems.

2007 Establishing an solutions for electronic journals at UV and ILS

Tags: Data management, data sharing, FAIR, Data Management Plan


  • Beiler, Ingrid Rodrick; Brevik, Lisbeth M. & Christiansen, Torgeir (2021). Skjermopptak som forskningsmetode i og utenfor klasserommet. In Andersson-Bakken, Emilia & Dalland, Cecilie Pedersen (Ed.), Metoder i klasseromsforskning Forskningsdesign, datainnsamling og analyse. Universitetsforlaget. ISSN 9788215047508. Full text in Research Archive
  • Frøyland, Merethe; Remmen, Kari Beate; Mork, Sonja Merethe; Ødegaard, Marianne & Christiansen, Torgeir (2015). Researching science learning from students'view : the potential of headcam. Nordic Studies in Science Education. ISSN 1504-4556. 11(3), p. 249–267. doi: 10.5617/nordina.1424.

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