Vocational and General students’ Use of English in and out of school (VOGUE)

VOGUE investigates the link between students’ use of English in and out of school – in vocational and general (academic) programmes.

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About the project

VOGUE combines analyses of students’ scores on national reading tests, student questionnaires, interviews with students and teachers, and classroom observations. It relies on quantitative and qualitative data from students and teachers at 90 upper secondary schools across Norway.

What kind of data are used in the VOGUE project?

  • Sample 1: Students in vocational and general study programmes (survey data linked to national test results)

  • Sample 2: Students in vocational and general study programmes (classroom observations, logs and interviews)

  • Sample 3: Teachers in vocational study programmes (classroom observations and interviews)


The VOGUE project is positioned at the Department of Teacher Education and School Research (ILS) at the University of Oslo. The project is led by Associate professor Lisbeth M Brevik, who works closely with other researchers. In addition, master students have played a crucial role in gathering and analyzing data. Five master students have so based their Master's theses on data related to the VOGUE project.

Published Feb. 1, 2017 2:08 PM - Last modified Sep. 4, 2019 12:10 AM


Project leader

Lisbeth M Brevik

Master students

Sindre Abelvik (2020)
Julie Darras (2020)
Thea Holm (2020)
Kristine Masvie (2020)
Shilan Ahmadian (2018)
Anja Isaksen (2018)
Katharina Garvoll (2017)
Sturla Sagli (2017)
Martina Pentrella (2017)