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Vocational and General students’ Use of English in and out of school (VOGUE)

VOGUE is a research project that follows upper secondary students over time to investigate their use of English in and out of school - specifically for online gaming, surfing the internet and social media use. Research ethics in line with the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) is a particular focus, because student data are collected both inside and outside the classroom. Here, MA students talk about "my GDPR moment".

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About the project

VOGUE combines large-scale data with case study data among students and teachers in upper secondary school, aiming to understand why some students read markedly better in English than in Norwegian, and how different languages are used in and outside of school. It relies on quantitative and qualitative data from students and teachers at more than 90 upper secondary schools across Norway.

What kind of data are used in the VOGUE project?

  • 2019-20: Case study data among students and teachers in vocational study programmes, years 11 and 12 (mixed methods: video recorded classroom observation incl. student screen recording, student survey, student language logs, student reading test results in Norwegian and English, student grades in Norwegian and English, student screen recording during online gaming at home, student and teacher interviews, teacher survey). MA theses: Holm (2020), Masvie (2020).

  • 2015-17: Case study data among students and teachers in four upper secondary schools across three Norwegian counties, in vocational and general study programmes, years 11 and 12 (mixed methods: audio recorded classroom observation, student language logs, student and teacher interviews). Publications: Brevik (2016, 2019, forthcoming 2020). MA theses: Ahmadian (2018)Garvoll (2017), Sagli (2017).

  • 2012-13: Large-scale data among students in 90 upper secondary schools across Norway, in vocational and general study programmes, years 11 and 12 (quantitative: survey data linked to national test results in English and Norwegian in upper secondary school). Publication: Brevik & Hellekjær (2018). MA theses: Isaksen (2018), Pentrella (2017).


The VOGUE project is positioned at the Department of Teacher Education and School Research (ILS) at the University of Oslo. The project is led by Associate professor Lisbeth M Brevik, who works closely with other researchers. In addition, master students have played a crucial role in gathering and analyzing data. Ten MA students have so far based their theses on data from the VOGUE project.

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Lisbeth M Brevik
Project leader

MA students

Sanaz Hesary (2021)
Sindre Abelvik (2020)
Vilde Almestrand (2020)
Julie Darras (2020)
Thea Holm (2020)
Kristine M Sæland (2020)
Shilan Ahmadian (2018)
Anja Isaksen (2018)
Katharina Garvoll (2017)
Sturla Sagli (2017)
Martina Pentrella, NTNU (2017)