Lisbeth M. Brevik

Associate Professor and PhD coordinator - Department of Teacher Education and School Research
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Phone +47 22856330
Mobile phone +47 90036500
Room 339
Visiting address Moltke Moes vei 35 Niels Henrik Abels hus 0851 OSLO
Postal address P.O.Box 1099 Blindern 0317 OSLO

Research Interests

English Education. As researcher of languages and reading comprehension, I look at how students use English in and outside school - focusing on learning to learn. Language competence is at the heart of knowledge development and communication across contexts. My research is linked to the English subject in lower secondary (LISE video project) and in upper secondary (VOGUE gaming project), and I look at bilingual education across subjects (ETOS evaluation project). I combine qualitative and quantitative research designs, with a focus on mixed methods.

In light of the new educational reform (LK20), I am particularly interested in what is new in the new English subject - linking this to life skills, diversity and relevance, as well as assessment and learning to learn.

Book on the new English subject: Brevik, L.M. & Rindal, U. (eds.)  (2020). Teaching English in Norwegian classrooms: From research to practice. Oslo: Scandinavian University Press.

Anthology on English didactics: Rindal, U. & Brevik, L.M. (eds.) (2019). English didactics in Norway - 30 years of doctoral research. Oslo: Scandinavian University Press. 

Special issue editor: Brevik, L.M. & Fosse, B.O. (eds.) (2016). Teacher education in the 21st century: traditions, challenges, changes. Acta Didactica Norway, Vol. 10, No. 2.

Doctoral thesis on learning to learn: Brevik, L.M. (2015). How teachers teach and readers read. Developing reading comprehension in English in Norwegian upper secondary school.


Course responsibility for a PhD course in Mixed Methods Research (UV9501) and for MA courses in Engish didactics (EDID 40014009, 4102, 4115).


  • PhD: Main supervisor for Ingrid Miriam Rodrick Beiler at the University of Oslo (2016-20), Astrid Elisabeth Kure at Østfold University College (2018-23) and Karina Rose Mahan at the University College of Southeast Norway (2015-18). Co-supervisor for Victoria Helen Batt-Rawden at Inland Norway University for Applied Sciences (2019-21), and Nora Elise Hesby Mathé at the University of Oslo (2017-19).
  • MA: Main supervisor for Anna Andreassen (2020), Julie Darras (2020), Thea Holm (2020), Mette Hvalstad (2020), Kjersti Øvereng (2020), Øystein Gulbrandsen (2019), Annie Olafsrud (2019), Shilan Ahmadian (2018), Anja Isaksen (2018), Lisa Bentsen (2017), Katharina Køber Garvoll (2017), Manuela Iannuzzi (2017), Sigrid Graedler Listuen (2017), Mina Solberg (2017), Ingrid Hjeltnes (2016). Co-supervisor for Vilde Haug Almestrand (2020), Kyrre Hellevang (2019), Vilde M Skram (2019), Maja Ivancevic (2018), Martina Pentrella (NTNU, 2017), Sturla Sagli (2017), Peter Aashamar (2017), Ola Andresen (2016) og Marte Sibbern (2013).


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