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LANGUAGES: Comparing language use and instruction across contexts

Researchers in Norway, France and England aim to identify good language teaching practices.

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About the project

LANGUAGES provides unique insight into English and French classrooms in Norway, England and France. It is a comparative project examining language teaching and student achievement in lower secondary school. 

LANGUAGES aims to advance our understanding of how language teachers support language development among students from different proficiency levels and language backgrounds. This ambition will be achieved through systematic video-recorded observations of English and French lessons over time, at a number of schools in each country, combined with language proficiency tests, surveys, and video-stimulated interviews.

LANGUAGES offer novel insights into English and French teaching in three countries, where English and French is taught as first, second or foreign languages, respectively. The ambition is to identify inclusive teaching, where students’ linguistic repertoires and multilingual identities are used as resources, and challenging situations in language teaching. Examining language teaching across languages and contexts is imperative to increase quality language education for all, and central to the education of future democratic global citizens.


  1. advance our knowledge about the consequences of how language policy affects practice,
  2. develop new and much sought after knowledge about how teachers enact language instruction in everyday classroom practices across subjects and contexts,
  3. examine the effect teaching practices have on students’ language use and multilingual identities, and
  4. identify teachers’ and students’ perspectives on practices that are both promising and challenging to suggest implications for future language policy and practice.

Partners in Europe

LANGUAGES is a collaboration between universities in Norway (University of Oslo,  University of Bergen), England (University of Exeter, University of Oxford) and France (École normale supérieure de Lyon). 


LANGUAGES is granted NOK 12,000,000 by the Research Council of Norway for 2021-25. Project number 315985


Selected publications will be published here.

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