NORDIC ISSPP - Nordic Successful School Principalship Project (completed)

The study examines the influence of leaders and leadership on school culture, teaching activities, and student achievement in Norway, Sweden and Finland.

It is a Nordic sub-project of the International Successful School Principalship Project, ISSPP.


The aim is to shed light on forces that are generative of an organizational culture of high expectations in schools serving culturally diverse populations in Norway, Sweden and Finland.


Although it is well known that high expectations for students have a key position as a contributing factor to the effectiveness of schools and teachers, much less is known about how and why a culture of high expectations is facilitated and sustained. Well-developed cross-cultural descriptions are often lacking, and they do not examine the dynamics involved in supporting high quality teaching and learning. The proposed project aims to fill this void.

Relevance to society

The Nordic countries have experienced a rise in migration and cultural diversity, and in the wake of increasing globalization, crafting a culture of high expectations for all students has become even more challenging.

How schools deal with this tension when building their expectations for varied student groups may differ across contexts. A comparison between Norway, Sweden and Finland will contribute to new knowledge for Nordic and international research on these issues.

Project period

May, 2014 – June, 2017.

The Project is funded by the participating universities.


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