FAGER (2008 - 2010) Preparing for Writing in Higher Education (completed)

The acquisition of norms underlying academic writing does not start at the University, it emerges gradually from argumentative and factual writing in school. This, combined with the introduction of the five basic skills through the new National Curriculum in Norway (Kunnskapsløftet, LK06), makes it worthwhile to investigate writing cultures especially in secondary school. What are students' writing experiences when they enter higher education? To what degree are they prepared to meet the demands of different academic cultures, and how well are they trained in argumentative writing?

The FAGER project (FAgskriving i GRunnopplæringen) is an umbrella over several projects focusing on non-fictional writing in Norwegian secondary school. The aim is to describe the writing culture of selected school subjects, including vocational programs. It is anchored at Department of Teacher Education and School Research (ILS) at the University of Oslo, but it also involves researchers from two university colleges:

  • Frøydis Hertzberg (project leader, professor, University of Oslo)
  • Kristin Helstad (ph.d. student, University of Oslo)
  • Karl Henrik Flyum (writing teacher, University of Oslo)
  • Ellen Beate Halvorsen (ph.d. student, Akershus University College)
  • Anne Kristine Øgreid (ph.d. student, Oslo University College)
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