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Math & The City – Leaning to apply mathematics outside the school (completed)

In the project extracurricular activities in mathematics and science teaching are developed. The project is a joint research cooperation between the University of Oslo and the Universidade Federal de Ouro Preto in Brazil.

The university square in Oslo with a spiral on the ground and a measuring band

(Photo: Nils Frederik Buchholtz). 

About the project

Mathematics and Science tend to be less motivating for many students. They feel it to be difficult and very formal, and often cognitively less demanding teaching patterns prevail. The method math/science trail emphasizes extracurricular and playful learning, which is perceived as a useful complement to traditional school teaching patterns.

Students solve mathematics and science tasks related to different objects in the city and the local environment (like buildings, landmarks and urban architecture). Within a joint teacher education course, Norwegian and Brazilian teacher students will develop app-based digital trails for learning mathematics and science.


The project aims at developing digital out-of-school learning environments in mathematics and science. Norwegian and Brazilian teacher students will design learning trails for students in the city. The teacher students will learn the importance of the out-of-school application of mathematics and science in environmental, cultural and ecological contexts.


Modelling and inquiry-based learning are part of the new core elements of the Norwegian mathematics and science curriculum, but there are only few learning opportunities for student teachers to acquire the competence needed to teach them. Researchers from both subjects are involved in an exchange and development program to help student teachers learn to integrate these aspects in teaching. The developed trails will be tested with students from local schools.


The project is funded by the Norwegian Agency for International Cooperation and Quality Enhancement in Higher Education (Diku), project UTF-2018-two-year/10051


Prof. Dr. Daniel Clark Orey (UFOP) 

Prof. Dr. Milton Rosa (UFOP) 

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