Scientific conference presentations

Beiler, I. R. & Dewilde, J. (2022).  Epistemological shifts and enduring ideologies of  language in a translanguaging project [Paper presentation]. AAAL 2022, 18–23 March 2022, Pittsburgh, USA. 

Dewilde, J. (2022). Pedagogical translanguaging as a resource oriented approach to language teaching in adult education. Programme Council and UNESCO Chair for Diversity, inclusion and education, 25. February 2022, Stavanger/Norway. (invited talk)

Dewilde, J., & Beiler, I. R. (2021). How multilingual staff challenges and enforces prevailing ideologies, AILA 2021, 15–20 August 2021, Groningen/The Netherlands.

Dewilde, J. (2021). Reframing adult literacy through a translanguaging lens: Cultivating empowering, alternative narratives. 17th Annual LESSLA Symposium, 11–12 August 2021. (keynote)

Presentations for school leaders and teachers

Dewilde, J., & Beiler, I. R. (2021). Translanguaging in adult basic education. conference for adapted vocational and vocational training for adult immigrants. Directorate of Integration and Diversity. (25 November 2021)

Beiler, I. R., & Dewilde, J. (2021). Translanguaging as pedagogical strategies in adult basic education. Seminar on language and learning. Skills Norway. (22 April 2021)

Beiler, I. R., & Dewilde, J. (2021). Multilingualism and translanguaging in eduction for adult immigrants with little schooling. Staff meeting Larvik adult education centre. (13 August 2021)

Information material

Dewilde, J., & Beiler, I. R. (2021). Organising for multilingualism [Organisering for flerspråklighet]. Kompetanse Norge.

Dewilde, J., & Beiler, I. R. (2021). Multilingualism in eduation [Flerspråklighet i opplæringen]. Kompetanse Norge.

Other dissemination

Beiler, I. R., & Dewilde, J. (2021) When we see that kind of language, “someone is going to jail”. ETHER - Ethics and Aesthetics for Encountering the Other (blog post, March 2021)

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