Department of Education

Roles and Functions



Elected board Policy -Strategic, economic and recruitment
Excecutive group Day to day management and devlopement of the Department's research, academic programmes and recruitment.
Studies: Functions:
The Academic Programmes Board Responsible for the the curriculum, priorities and quality assurance  of the programmes run by the Department . Appointed by the Faculty of Educational Sciences based on recommendations by the Executive group. The Board has two student memebers elected by the students.
Academic Advisory Board The same group as the Academic Programmes Board.Discusses and decides on matters related to the programmes that is not part of the issues of the Academic Borad.
(Program) Coordinator The academic staff member who is appointed to have a special responsability for quality and day to day running of a academic programme or parts of such a programme. The coordinator is usually also a member of the Academic Programmes Board.
Course Coordinator The academic staff responisble for teaching a particular course. Makes indipendent decisions on teaching, litterature, evaluating and quality assurance of the  course in accordance with UiO regulations.
The Student Body for Academic Issues  ("Fagutvalget")The elected body of students attending programmes at the Faculty of Educational Sciences. The students' voice on issues  such as curriculum, litterature and quality in the programmes. Also organizes events for students.
Research: Functions:
PhD Co-ordinator Co-ordinates teaching, courses and supervision at the PhD programme
Programme Council for Doctoral Education The Programme Council for Doctoral Education is organized at the faculty level. All departments within the faculty are represented by the research coordinator and research consultant (the latter not having voting rights). The Council handles all of the PhD issues and makes the final decisions regarding admission in the PhD programme.
Programme Council for Research Affairs The Council for Research Affairs is also organized at the faculty level. The department is represented by the Research Leader. The Council for Research Affairs is responsible for all important strategic issues related research at both the faculty and institute level.


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