6 – 15 March:  6 – 7 staying with Sophia Tesfamariam in Washington DC and attending festivities for Eritrean women.   8 -14: Attending the CIES conference in Washington DC as a guest speaker to a SIGs co-sponsored panel with the title:  "Linguistic (Neo)colonization, Global Education Agenda, and Local Development Initiatives” and an invited speaker on the Presidential Invited Panel: ”Re-centring Education as a Moral Enterprise”

21-22 March: Participate in the annual meeting of the Association of Non-Fictional writers at Scandic hotel, Oslo airport

April: Working in Hamburg. Address in Hamburg:   Gästehaus der Universität Hamburg.   Rothenbaumchaussee 34. D-20 148 Hamburg.   Phone:+49 40-414-006-26. Giving the lecture:  “Education in Africa of good quality but in whose language? on Thursday 23rd  of April at Humboldt Universität in Berlin. Invited by AfricaVenir.

1.May to 1.November: address in Norway: Dalbovn.64. N-1458 Fjellstrand                            

13 – 17 May – in Tromsø for a confirmation visiting family and friends

18 – 19 May – heading a viva at the Faculty of Education, UiO

28-30 May – external examiner of a doctoral thesis at the University of Bristol, UK. Staying at hotel Crossley

4 June: External examiner at Oslo University College

5 -7 June: In Stavern – participating in the marathon: “Jentene på kyststien”

19- 23 June: External examiner at the University of Tromsø and visiting friends

24 June – 1 August: Being with family and friends at Dalbo

2 – 15 August: In South Africa, first lecturing at the University of Western Cape in Cape Town, then being a key-note lecturer at a symposium at the University of Witwaterstand in Joburg and finally lecturing at Limpopo University

14 – 18 September: Attending the Oxford conference: Learning for sustainable futures

23 – 27 September: keynote speaker at the conference: “Rethinking Educational Research in African Contexts” at Moi University, Eldoret, Kenya

1 – 3 October: Participating in a colloquium at the University of Johannesburg as an author of a forthcoming book on Knowledge and Change

1.November 2015 to 1.April 2016: address in Norway: Vestoppfaret 14. N-1450 Nesoddtangen

9 – 15  November: attending the steering com meeting of TRANSLED and the launch at SUZA (State University of Zanzibar).

17 -  21 November: Plenary speaker at a British Council conference on multilingualism to be held in New Delhi, India

23 -30 November. Planning research in the TRANSLED project in Zanzibar



January  23: Attend a meeting on NORHED in the morning. Give lecture at a NORAD one day conference on development, language and culture

February 2:- 9:  TRANSLED planning  meeting  at the University of SUZA, Stone Town, Zanzibar                                                         
February 12-13: Chairing the doctoral committee of Stackus Okwaput, bing present at the doctoral defense on the 13th and at the dinner on the 12th at Bristol and the 13th arranged by the Department  of Special Needs Education
February 14: TRANSLED planning  meeting  for the Norwegian group at the University of Oslo,
February 23- 28: TRANSLED application work at the University of Dar es Salaam

March 1 - 5:  TRANSLED application work at the State University of Zanzibar (SUZA)
March 9 - 17:  CIES conference in New Orleans. I shall receive the Joyce Cain award for a 2012 Article in Compare
March 25 - 31:  Easter. Skiing at Nesodden with Jane and Tonje

April 1 - April 30: Working at the UIL in Hamburg, staying at the Gästehaus der Universität   Hamburg

May 4:  Celebrating my birthday with 18 other women friends
May 16 - 21:  Visit to daughter Siri in Tbilisi in Georgia with granddaughter Thea
May 24: Celebrating the 70 years of my good friend Kari at the Norwegian University of Sports
May 28 -29: The doctoral trial lecture (28) and defense of dissertation (29) of my student  Zehlia Babaci-Wilhite followed by doctoral dinner
May 31: Summer seminar and party at NIFU

June 6-7: The doctoral trial lecture (6) and defense of dissertation (7) of my good friend Tone at the University of Tromsø followed by doctoral dinner
June 11:  In Parliament to celebrate that women got the right to vote 100 years ago
June 22: Summer party at Dalbo

June, July, August: Entertaining lots of guests, friends, family and friends of family at Dalbo        

August 15 - August 18: Attending a symposium at Universität Oldenburg to commemorate Neville Alexander


January  9 -  11: Field-work in Arendal in connection with the Save the Children evaluation
January  11 - 13: Field-work in Kristiansand in connection with the Save the  Children  evaluation
January 27: Defence of the doctoral thesis of Moshi Kimizi
Jan. 28: My eldest son, Karsten Brock-Utne should have celbrated his 50.birthday had he not  been killed when he was 21

Jan. 30 -  Feb.1: Field-work in Trondheim in connection with the Save the  Children evaluation

February 6 -  7: Steering committee meeting in LOITASA at the University of Dar es Salaam                       

February 8- 10: Planning of new NORHED project at  SUZA (State University of Zanzibar),Tanzania 
February 15: Final evaluation of the doctoral thesis of Torill Aagot Halvorsen

February 16- 17: Teaching peace studies at University of Tromsø

April 1 - May 31: Teaching peace studies at University of Otago,New Zealand

June 11 - 13: External examiner of four master theses at the University of Tromsø

June 16: Stepson Ingvald will celebrate his 60ieth birthday                                                                                                                                                                                                   June 23: Summer party at Dalbo

July 11-12: Giving an invited paper at the University of Exeter

July13: We are celebrating Karsten's 50 years.

August 20 - 30: Evaluation of CASAS in Cape Town, South Africa

September 28 - October 3: PLanning a prosject at the University of Dar es asalaam (UDSM)

October 3 - 7: Attending the conference "50 years of Kiswahili" at UDSM

October 8 - 14: Fieldwork in the LOITASA project at Uguja and Pemba

November 23 -29: Attending the IPRA conference in Ise City,Japan (if I get funding from the Norwegian Foreign Ministry)



January 1 - 17: Field-work in Tanzania

February 4:- 14: Steering committtee meeting in the LOITASA project at the University of Western Cape, Cape Town
February 26: Colleague and friend Ingse Skattum 70 years

March 1 - 25: Teaching peace studies at Universidad Jaime Primero in Castelleon in Spain
March 26 . 31: Workshop in the LOITASA project in Cape Town

April 1 - April 30: Working at the UIL in Hamburg, staying at the Gästehaus der Univesität Hamburg

May 1 - 5: Attending the CIES workshop in Montreal, Canada

June 18: Summer party at Dalbo
June, July, August: Entertaining lots of guests, friends, family and friends of family at Dalbo 

August 5 - 11: Preus family reunion in Decorah, Iowa
August 24th: Sister Ingeleiv 70 years

September 12 - 16: Education and Development conference at the University of Oxford

October 9 16:: Editing LOITASA 7 in South Africa

November 15 -December 10: Field-work in Tanzania


January 4 - May 1: American-Scandinavian Foundation Visiting Lecturer for 2010 - being based mainly at Wartburg College, Iowa
January 29: Public address to the Wartburg philosophical and Literary Society

February 4: Speaking at Waverly Rotary club February 11: Going back to Oslo for the week-end
February 16 - 19: Steering committee meeting in the LOITASA project, Tanzania and discussions concerning PITRO
February 22 -26: Lecturing and tutoring at the University of Oslo
February 28 - March 5: CIES annual conference in Chicago

March 8 - 10: Lecture at Ohio State University
March 16: Speak at a convocation in McCaskey Lyceum, Wartburg College
March 23: Talk to Sons of Norway,Cedar Falls
March 26: Lecture at University of Maryland , Washington DC

April 15: Lecture at Indiana University , Bloomington
April 24 -28: Editorial board meeting in IRE in Hamburg
April 30: Going back to Norway

May 5 - 12: LOITASA workshop in Tanzania
May 15 - 31: Cleaning out of my mother's apartment, putting it up for sale

June, July, August: Entertaining lots of guests, friends and family and friends of family at Dalbo
June 19: Summer party at Dalbo
June 26: Summer party in Stavern

July 3 - 12: IPRA conference in Sydney, Australia

August 20 - 24: Discussing peace studies in Mombasa
August 25 - 27: Discussing with NECTA personell in Dar
August 30 - September 5: Editing LOITASA 7 in Tanzania

September 9 - 13: BAICE conference at the University of East Anglia

October 5 - 11: Thues entre valls with two girl-friends
October 27: Lecturing at HiA, Akershus University College
October 28 - November 1: Participate in the conference: Africa in the Age of Globalization - conceptions and misconceptions held in Toronto, Canada

December 27 - January 23: First holiday in Zanzibar then field-work in Tanzania


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