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Phone +47 22854259
Room Building C, level 1, room 361
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Visiting address Forskningsparken (Guastadallèen 21) 0349 Oslo
Postal address Postboks 1092 Blindern 0317 OSLO

Educational background

  • B.Sc.(Honours) Computation, Dept. of Computation, UMIST (University of Manchester Institute of Science and Technology), UK; (in Norway also: i informatikk), 1989.
  • D.Phil., Cognitive Science and Artificial Intelligence, School of Cognitive and Computing Sciences, Univ. of Sussex, UK (thesis title "Practices of Collaboration in Writing and Their Support"), 1994.

Employment history

  • Norsk regnesentral (the Norwegian Computing Centre)
  • Dept. of Informatics, Univ. of Oslo
  • Faculty of Education, Oslo University College

Research interests

Project: The moral order of ICT (Information and communication technology) development, deployment, and use

Currently, much attention is in Norway paid to a publication of a German neuroscientist and Prof of Psychology, Manfred Spitzer: Digital Dementia. He charges that use of digital technologies damages brains of young people. (For an in-depth interview, see (apologies for the clip starting with an advert).) Interestingly, as of Oct 2014 this is stirring controversies in Norwegian media.
For the research project, the main relevance of the Spitzer controversy is the appearance in the Norwegian media of critical voices to computer usage among the very young (especialy the below-6), opening possibilities for widening participation in the public debate. What do we want computers for, among the young but also generally? What skills are not being enhanced - we've long heard about those that do get enhanced - by computer use? Is this a problem: why/why not? The debate thus touches (thoug obliquely) what the aims or computer use among the young should, or could be - and perhaps: The problem of the lack of such discussion previously.

For more on the research project which Eevi Beck's engagement with the issues is part of, click the title.

Project: Practices of academic research and teaching: Challenging boundaries of academic practices

Current activities

  • Current writing includes: Bildung/dannelse/formation in education for profession; massively distributed participation in technology usage in schools; refining a three-prong approach to conceiving of the teaching of ICTs to young students; sciences and silences.
  • Displaying the perforated boundaries between "academic research" and what's not considered such.
  • Enjoying teaching and research.


Courses on University Teaching Methods (universitetspedagogikk) incl. writing activities for student learning, visualisation, learning theory, courage to teach.
Supervision at Master and PhD level.

Tags: Education, ICT and learning
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