Small private schools (completed)

The number of small private rural schools in Norway increases. When  a public rural schooled is closed, parents and teacher call for a private school (85% funded by the state). What are the motivation for such private schools, how do they manage and how do they see  the future?

About the project

Research on small rural private schools is done since 1999. A questionnaire was (2006) sent to all 18 private schools in rural areas established 1999 - 2006 . Answers from 14 (78 %).


Mostly montessori schools are called for. This is done of pragmatic reasons, such school are in the private school-law the option most like the closed local public school. In the first place they wanted to keep their public school. But first established, the chosen montessori school is the first choice for the future. 10 of the 14 schools want to continue as private schools. Specially Montessori-schools of some size manage well. Some of the montessori schools seem to be established as regional private schools. Most of the schools look positively on the future.



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Christian Beck