Designing Design (completed)

About the project

Investigating digital media, communication, informatics and design is presented through an international seminar series and research publications referring to a set of sub projects in digital design.


  • Establishing further InterMedia's interdisciplinary approach to design, conceptually and methodologically
  • Investigating the design and mediation of research seminars, face-to-face and online. Extending the frames and functions of the genre of the research seminar and its representations and records
  • Building resources related to interdisciplinary design in and related to the seminars' themes, topics and the presenters
  • Linking academic and research knowledge with that of designer-practitioners
  • Profiling international and regional research in design studies and showcasing the works of local designers
  • Generating a rich environment for discussion of design, both onsite and online
  • Providing a venue at the University of Oslo for open access to design research and practice
  • Strengthening participation and partnerships with related programmes and institutions at UiO, and with KhiO and AHO.

The project and its seminars are framed around the following themes: Concepts and Methods, Research Mediation, Interface and Interaction, Electronic Arts, Public Spaces. The project draws on Activity Theory, Actor Network theory and a variety of contemporary approches to Design (participatory, adaptive, expressive, emergent, anticipatory). Research rhetorics and online research mediation are also part of the conceptual framework for this project.

Theory and methods

This project is centred around innovations in research seminars and the development of an interdisciplinary book on design. These seminars are framed according to the five main themes (see Concepts above). InterMedia's experimental studio is used as the setting for the seminars. The project website is itself an investigation of how research seminars may be mediated online via short research papers, real-time presentations, video summaries and clips, and in the seminar blog. The genre of the research seminar is developed through the involvement, practices and conceptual contributions of the seminar participants. Book chapters and conference papers are connected to the seminar themes.

Funding and timeframe

Funded by: New staff award, UiO

Timeframe: 2004-2007

Related projects

MULTIMO - researching multimodal discourses Interdisciplinary investigation of making and analysing multimodal discourse in digital domains where mediated design, texts, activity and meaning making are central. (Archived)

Mediational Sites: A Communication Design Perspective on Websites This Ph.D. project examines websites as digitally mediated and multimodal expressions in terms of communication design through textual analysis. (Archived)

grig - Guild for mixed reality integrators & generators We are a group of European artistic and cultural operators creating & researching mixed reality works that intertwine digital media & physical materials, objects & spaces. (Archived)

Digital Design@UiO Digital design is an initiative from InterMedia, the Dept. of Media and Communication, and the Dept. of Informatics that prioritises digital design research at the University of Oslo. (Archived)

CMC - Comptetence and Media Convergence Comprises a strategic research field that focuses on how different developmental processes may be understood in relation to information and communication technology. (Archived)


Seminars & Events:
- an interdisciplinary digital design online seminar series
- a template for framing similar events at InterMedia for use in other projects

Networking & research proposals:
- international and local design research networking
- joint research applications with AHO
- related EU project (GRIG).

Book chapters:
Morrison, A. & Skjulstad, S. (2007). 'Talking cleanly about convergence: popular culture, adverts on the web & the wash of participation'. In Storsul, T. & Stuedahl, D. (Eds). The Ambivalence of Convergence. Nordicom: Göteborg.

Morrison, A. & Skjulstad, S. (forthcoming 2008). 'Unreal estate: digital design and mediation in marketing urban residency'. In Wagner I.; Bratteteig, T. & Stuedahl, D. (Eds). Explorations in Digital Design. Springer: Vienna.

Morrison, A., Westvang, E. & Skøgsrud, S. (forthcoming 2008). 'Whisperings in the undergrowth: performativity, collaborative design and online social networking'. In Wagner I.; Bratteteig, T. & Stuedahl, D. (Eds). Explorations in Digital Design. Springer: Vienna.

Morrison A. (forthcoming 2008). Contributor to three group authored chapters. In Wagner I.; Bratteteig, T. & Stuedahl, D. (Eds). Explorations in Digital Design. Springer: Vienna. (with Wagner, I., Stuedahl, D., Liestøl, G., Mortberg, C., Bratteteig, T. & Mørch, A.).

Skjulstad, S. 2007. 'Clashing Constructs in web design'. In Melberg, A. (Ed.). Aesthetics at Work. Unipub: Oslo. 81-103.

Conference papers:
Morrison, A. Skjulstad., S. & Sevaldson, B. (2007). 'Waterfront development with Web mediation'. Proceedings of Design Inquiries. 2nd Nordic Design Research Conference. Konstfack, Stockholm, 27-30 May 2007.

Morrison, A. & Skjulstad, S. (2007) 'Mediating hybrid design: a study of the projection of automotive innovation on the Web'. Full conference paper in Proceedings of Wonderground. Design Research Society International Conference. 1-4 November, Lisbon Portugal.

Journal articles:
Skjusltad, S. (In press). 'Motion Graphics and Communication Design on the Web'. Journal of Media Practice.

Morrison, A. & Skjulstad, S. (in progress 2007). 'Making homepages: digital tools, mediated performativity and interior design online'. To be submitted to Home Cultures or Digital Creativity.

Morrison, A. & Westwang, E. (in progress 2007) 'Rhetorics of research mediation'. Article for Kairos, a peer reviewed online journal of rhetoric, technology and pedagogy.


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Project leader Andrew Morrison