Ethiopia in Transition: A Multicultural Education Perspective on Teacher Education Policies, Curricula, and Practices (PhD project) (completed)

The ultimate purpose of this project is to promote mutual understanding and peaceful co-existence among the diverse Ethiopian society. To this end, it emphasizes the use of multiculturalism as a strategy especially in teacher education.


The objectives in this project are;

  • to analyze how the notion of multicultural education is addressed in the national teacher education policies in Ethiopia,
  • to assess how the national academic programme development procedures and practices affect the inclusion of the multicultural and multilingual characteristics of the Ethiopian society into the national curricula of the Ethiopian teacher education programme,
  • to investigate in which ways are the multicultural and multilingual characteristics of the Ethiopian society incorporated in the current teacher education curricula, and
  • to find out how higher learning institutions’ officials, teacher educators, and students interpret and value the multicultural and multilingual characteristics of the Ethiopian society as incorporated in the national teacher education curricula.


The policy statements of the government of Ethiopia emphasize the practices of multicultural education at all levels of the education system of the country. However, the actual practices of the past and the present are not in line with the policy statements particularly at higher education level. To bridge this policy-practice gap, among other things, addressing multicultural education especially in teacher education has utmost importance. So, this research will investigate why teacher education is not efffective in Ethiopia when it comes to entertaining the multicultural and multilingual nature of the Ethiopian society. Longitudinal and cross-sectional methods will be used in the study. Primary and secondary data will be collected from appropriate sources using relevant tools. As such the study calls for engaging in multi-level analysis. Both quantitative and qualitative approaches will be used to analyze the data. Lastly, feasible recommendations will be forwarded based on the findings of the study.


The Norwegian State Educational Loan Fund (Quota Programme) and Department for Educational Research (PFI)

Research category

Applied research

Published Sep. 27, 2010 5:44 PM - Last modified May 19, 2016 4:44 PM


Robsan Margo Egne