ENCODE: Engagement & Communication in Digital Cultural Environments (completed)

About the project

Design of digital environments for meaningful encounters with cultural heritage, relating objects & resources from museum collections


This project aims to extend an existing platform, used in Open Archaeology, and in Gokstadbåtprosjektet/RENAME at IMK,  that paves the way for new content genres suitable for proximate and locative as well as for user-created communication. To achieve this, it is necessary to design connections between rich semantic relations (between actors, artifacts and places), activities (user interaction and participation), and objects (pictures, video, maps, animations). Connections need to be made available on mobile devices, adapted to the user's location and activity. Such connections will be developed based on design experiments with user participation from KHM and a group of pupils as museums visitors.

Theory and methods

A wiki platform that can connect authored and semantically modeled rich media content from CH institutions with small and medium sized computing platforms (mobile phones, PDAs, and laptops) via proximity aware technologies (Bluetooth) will be developed. Digital CH resources will be made accessible using the CIDOC CRM standard for long-term availability, interoperability and sustainability. CIDOC CRM is an archiving standard and ENCODE01 will, in concert with the CH institution, extend it into a communication standard that also supports user generated content. We will design rich media and context-aware digital environments for mobile encounters with physical objects and places. People: We will do design experiments with a group of pupils from a school and other test users.


We work in close collaboration with Open Archaeology.

Unit for Digital Documentation will been involved in the use of CIDOC CRM.

Museum of Cultural History

Funding and timeframe

Funded by: Digital Design

Timeframe: 2008-2010

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Scientific reporting, open source software

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Project leader Ole Christian Smørdal


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