Discourses of responsibility in pre-service teacher education (PhD project)

The aim of this project is to explore the discourses cited by students in pre-service teacher education as they, in focus groups, discuss aspects of responsibility in professional teacher identification;

About the project

The projects interest is primarily in how understandings of subjects, structures of address / terms of recognition, differences, narratives of development and agency, conflicts and relations are premising the processes of identification as “responsible professional”. Also, how are the different ages of the pupils in the two focus groups (teacher education for grades 1-7, and high school) apparent / made relevant in the citations about responsibility, teaching, agency and pedagogical relations? Further: how are common discourses and practices of reflexivity in teacher education and teaching involved along these lines of interest? A central goal is also developing a creative and useful deconstructive methodological approach to these constitutive practices that are difficult to conceptualize, “get at” and problematize on individual and societal levels.


  • Ph.d position at IPED: 2013-2017
  • Theoretical basis: Jacques Derrida, Judith Butler, Michel Foucault, Sharon Todd, Gert Biesta, Lynn Fendler, Elisabeth Ellsworth, Mary Lou Rasmussen


  • University of Oslo

Research category

  • Basic research / philosophy of education
Published Aug. 21, 2013 2:27 PM


Caro Kirsebom