Technologies for reflection (ph.d- prosjekt) (completed)

This doctoral project explores the relationship between technologically mediated experience and learning in schools and museums. In particular, it investigates how we may design learning environments that afford engagement and reflective activities.

About the project

The project is conducted in collaboration with MIRACLE – a research project currently undertaken at InterMedia. In collaboration with a team of researchers and designers, a series of explorative design projects will be conducted, and the resulting learning environments will be studied during use.


Three research questions will guide my study:
  • In what ways are digital technologies made relevant in the learners meaning production in the context of school and the museum?
  • In what situations do the learners start reflective activities and collaboration, and how are these activities mediated thorough technology?
  • What are useful concepts and guiding design of learning technologies aimed at engagement and reflection?


The expected outcome of the project will be an article-based PhD thesis consisting of three peer reviewed articles.


This project is financed by the Faculty of Educational Sciences at the University of Oslo. It is conducted in collaboration with the MIRACLE project, which is funded by the Reseach Council of Norway.
The timeframe is 2011-2015.
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Project leader
Sven Magne Bakken