Board of the Department of Special Needs Education

The Board is the highest authority at the Department of Special Needs Education.



  • The Board approves the Department's overall objectives, priorities and strategies.
  • The head of department is in charge of the Board and prepares the matters for the Board meetings.
  • The administrative manager is the secretary of the Board, but not a board member.
  • All Board meetings are usually open to the public.
  • In some cases, the Board can close the meeting, so that only members of the Board and secretary are admitted.
  • The Board exercises its responsibility based on decisions made by the Faculty and Faculty Board, and within the current laws, regulations and rules.


Most of the matters that the Board discusses are regulated by the Department's management and administration regulations.

The Board makes decisions pertaining:

  • Annual plan and budget.
  • Overarching proposals and principles for activities that are embodied in long-term plans, such as strategies and academic priorities.
  • Approval of financial statements and annual reports.
  • The internal organization in departments, professional groups, etc. will be decided upon by the Board, within the framework set by the Faculty Board.
  • When appointing the head of department, the recommendation will be dealt with by the Faculty Board, which has the authority to make decisions on appointments.
  • Nominations for fixed and intermediate academic positions will be a made by the Selection and Appointments Committee. The recommendation will be processed by the Faculty Selection Panel (TUV), which has the authority to make decisions about appointments.

For more information please read the Department's administration regulations (pdf document in Norwegian)

The Board has approved Regulations concerning the practice of teaching duties provisions at the Department of Special Needs Education.


Department board
01.08.2021 - 31.12.2024



Ona Bø Wie Head of Department
Henrik Zachrisson Deputy Head of Department
Geir Nyborg Academic staff representatitve
Vasiliki Diamanti  Academic staff representatitve
Terje Ulv Throndsen Temporary academic staff representatitve
  Administrative staff representative
  Student representative
  Student representative
Christian Brandmo 1.  substitute: Academic staff representative
Åste Marie Mjelve Hagen 2.  substitute: Academic staff representative
  1.  substitute: Temporary academic staff representative
  1.  substitute: Administrative staff representative
Damini BhargavaDamini Bhargava 1.  substitute: Student representative
Bjørnar Bostad Haugerud 2. substitute: Student representative



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