About the research at ISP

The Department of Special Needs Education (ISP) is the largest and most comprehensive research institution in Norway working within the field of special needs education.

The Department has established an extensive research collaboration network within field of special needs education with other research institutions both nationally and internationally.

The Department of Special Needs Education has the same aims and requirements as a University with regard to research, teaching and knowledge dissemination. However, there are other requirements since the Department has special audience: individuals who cannot reach their potential for learning and development without professional, academic organization.

The Department of Special Needs Education develops knowledge within a broad probleamtic area of disabilities and barriers they cause in children, youth and adults during learning process and throughout life. The department has a special responsibility for research on heavier disabilities where life-span perspective is central. There is strong emphasis on applied practice-oriented research, but basic, philosophical and historical research is also important. Quite a number of research topics at the Department have an interdisciplinary character.

Published Oct. 18, 2010 10:11 AM - Last modified Nov. 12, 2010 9:29 AM