Curriculum work and pupils with special needs

In this sub-project, the attention is on curriculum work in compulsory schooling relevant to inclusive and adapted education, with a focus on pupils with special needs.

About the Project

The aim is to trace how curriculum work contributes to quality improvement in the work on inclusive and adapted education for pupils with special needs.

In this context, attention is primarily directed towards the planning of special education in the form of work with IEP. This is viewed in conjunction with how the general education is planned for the class/pupil group (in terms of the class plan, work plans) with a view to adaptation and inclusion for all pupils. This relates to how the teachers coordinate and cooperate in the general education and special education respectively for pupils with special needs, and how this impacts the development of a comprehensive education offer and the overall learning outcome for the pupils.

The overarching issues for this project are:

  • How does the curriculum work help to safeguard inclusion and diversity for pupils with special needs?
  • How is the planning of special education and adapted education in the classroom coordinated for pupils with special needs?
Published Aug. 21, 2017 11:21 AM - Last modified Feb. 27, 2018 11:43 AM