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Professional norms, school leadership and educational law: A comparative study of Norway and Sweden (PRONLED)

Positioned within sociology of education, the PRONLED-project addresses how knowledge of the law emerges within organizations, raising questions about how such knowledge is used by formal school leaders in dynamic processes within and across institutional boundaries. The project secondly inquires upon how students in national leadership programs and upper-secondary school leaders in Norway and Sweden grapple with educational law and professional norms, in the midst of increased juridification of the educational sector. 

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The  PRONLED-project (2017-2019) addresses the ways in which principals and vice principals in upper-secondary schools, and students in national leadership programs in Norway and Sweden relate and respond to demands put forth in regulation and governing of schools. The PRONLED-project will follow up on key findings in the LEXEL and the NOSI-projects (2011-2016), expanding upon previous research at the University of Oslo on educational leadership, legal standards and school inspection. 

Outcomes and cooperation 

The project will prioritize international publication and collaboration. Collaboration will take place with researchers from Lund University and Umeå University, Sweden. An upcoming research stay at CRCPÉ (Université de Montréal) (Chaire de recherche du Canada en politiques éducatives) is planned.  


In the first stage of the study, two national leadership programs ('Rektorutdanningen/Rektorsprogrammet') in Norway and Sweden will be examined through a survey among multiple cohorts of students in each institution. A pilot study (survey) is currently being conducted among three cohorts of students in Norway, and will at a later stage be expanded. Then, drawing on findings in the survey data, qualitative case studies will be conducted at ten upper secondary schools in Norway and Sweden, through interviews with principals and vice principals. 

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Skolelederen - Fagblad for skoleledelse (5/2017, In Norwegian)

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Hall, J. B. & Sivesind, K. (2017). State School Inspection Policy in Norway and Sweden (2002-2012): a reconfiguration of governing modes? In: S. J. Ball (Ed.),  Governing by numbers - Education, governance, and the tyrrany of numbers. Oxon: Routledge. ISBN:978-1-13-8701151. pp. 131-160.

Tags: Law, Leadership, Policy, School Inspection
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