Panel discussion

Panel discussion on the relation between educational measurement and educational theory

15:45–17:15 in Forskningsparken

Each FREMO conference will raise fundamental questions about the role of Educational Measurement that are relevant for a broad range of academic disciplines and the public. The first conference will include a public debate about the “Relation of Educational Measurement and Educational Theory”. Examples of questions to be discussed are "What is the surplus of Educational Measurement to Educational Theory and vice versa? Are there examples of Educational Measurement that led to a major breakthrough or revision with respect to Educational Theory and vice versa? Which educational phenomena would we miss otherwise or where is a real need for Educational Measurement? Do other research methods exist that maybe better suited to study educational phenomena?".

The panelists were selected to represent a broad range of perspectives on these questions:

  • Educational theory: Prof. Sten Ludvigsen, University of Oslo, Norway

  • Educational policy research: Prof. David Rutkowski, CEMO & University of Indiana, USA

  • Applied qualitative educational research: Prof. Gabriele Kaiser, University of Hamburg, Germany  

  • Applied quantitative educational research: Prof. Monica Melby-Lervåg, University of Oslo, Norway

  • Educational assessment: Prof. Eckhard Klieme, Goethe University of Frankfurt, Germany

  • Educational measurement, Psychometrics: Prof. Cees Glas, University of Twente, The Netherlands        

  • Educational measurement, Statistics: Prof. Alina von Davier, ACT, Iowa, USA

The panel debate will be chaired by Prof. Sigrid Blömeke, CEMO director, University of Oslo, Norway.

The panel debate will be open for everybody.

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