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The list contains 32 staff members.
Name Phone E-mail Tags
Andersson, Björn Associate Professor +47-22844490 Equating, linking, IRT, Large-scale assessments
Blömeke, Sigrid Centre Director +47-46418755 (mob) Teacher competencies, International studies, Knowledge tests, Performance assessments
Braeken, Johan Professor +47-22844826 Psychometrics, Item Response Theory, Modern test design, CAT, Statistics
Chen, Chia-Wen Postdoctoral Fellow +47-22844489 +47-47726778 (mob) Rasch model, IRT, Computerized adaptive testing, forced-choice model
Dia, Hawa Research Assistant
Frey, Andreas Professor II +496979835375 Psychometrics, PISA, Item Response Theory, Computerized adaptive testing
Grønlid, Gunnhild Nedberg Higher Executive Officer +47-22852442
Haakstad, Haakon Thorbergsen Doctoral Research Fellow +47-22844481
Helland-Riise, Fredrik Doctoral Research Fellow +47-22854371
Heslien, Siri Andrea Paulsen Senior Executive Officer +47-22844708
Jørstad, Oscar Skovdahl Research Assistant
Konstantinidou, Evi Evropi +47-22857621
Kristensen, Jarl Kleppe Doctoral Research Fellow +47-22858022
Lehre, Anne-Catherine W G Senior Adviser +47-22854151 Office manager, Sex differences (inter- and intrasex variability)
Mughogho, Kondwani Kajera Doctoral Research Fellow +47-22857219 International large-scale assessment, Subscore estimation
Niculescu, Alexandra Corina Postdoctoral Fellow +47-22854329
Olsen, Rolf Vegar Professor +47-22844510 +4798859376 (mob) Learning and teaching, Educational sciences, CEMO, Science education, International comparative studies, Quantitative analysis, Students' achievement
Reis Costa, Denise Postdoctoral Fellow +47-22844468
Ribeiro, Luisa Research Assistant
Rutkowski, David Professor II +47-22844468 USA, Global South
Rutkowski, Leslie Professor II +47-22844490 USA
Ræder, Henrik Galligani Doctoral Research Fellow +47-22844496 +47-46470438 (mob)
Scherer, Ronny Professor +47-22844402 Computer-based assessment, Log file data, Meta-analysis
Skrondal, Anders Professor II Psychometrics, Biostatistics, Social Statistics, Statistics
Steinmann, Isa Researcher +47-22844485