Yuriko Kirilovna Sosa Paredes

Doctoral Research Fellow
Image of Yuriko Kirilovna Sosa Paredes
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Phone +47 22844483
Room 357
Visiting address Gaustadalleen 21 Hus C plan 1 0349 Oslo
Postal address Postboks 1161 Blindern 0318 Oslo

Academic interests

My research interests are related to using latent variable models in educational measurement as a tool for decision-making in public policies. My methodological research focuses on Rasch modelling, Item Response Theory, equating and vertical scaling, longitudinal and multilevel regressions, and Cognitive Diagnostic Models. I support open-source software such as R and Python and also the value of reproducible research.


My professional experience is about educational measurement and statistical modelling. I have worked for around eight years at the Office of Learning Quality Measurement (UMC) at the Ministry of Education of Peru, first as a psychometric specialist and then as a psychometric coordinator of the team. I hold a B.Sc in Statistics and Computer Science at the National Agrarian University La Molina (UNALM) and an M.Sc. in Statistics at the Pontifical Catholic University of Peru (PUCP).


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