Diego Gonzalez Campos

Doctoral Research Fellow - Centre for Educational Measurement
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Phone +47 22854391
Mobile phone +47 95150393
Room 387
Visiting address Gaustadalléen 21 0373 Oslo Norway
Postal address Postboks 1161 Blindern 0318 Oslo

Academic interests

My research interests are related to the use of IPD meta-analysis to synthesize information from data obtained under complex sampling designs. My methodological research focus is on Multilevel Latent Variable Models, specifically: MSEM, SEM, MASEM, and Meta-Analytic (multilevel) models. I embrace the values of open science and strive for replicable and reproducible research.


My professional experience is at the crossroads of methodological and applied educational research. I have worked alongside experts at the PISA Institute of the Technical University of Munichthe German State Institute of Early Childhood Research, and the Center for Evaluation in Education in Colombia. I completed a B.Sc. in Psychology at the National University of Colombia and an M.Sc. in Learning Sciences at the Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München. 


Campos, D. G., Cheung, W.-L.M., & Scherer, R. (2022). A Primer on Synthesizing Individual Participant Data Obtained From Complex Sampling Surveys: A Two-Stage IPD Meta-Analysis Approach. (Accepted for Publication: Psychological Methods) 

Scherer, R., & Campos, D. G. (2022). Measuring those who have their minds set: An item-level meta-analysis of the implicit theories of intelligence scale in education. Educational Research Review, 37, 100479. https://doi.org/10.1016/j.edurev.2022.100479

Wirts, Claudia; Reber, Karin; Gonzalez-Campos, Diego. (2020) SpraBi: Fragebogen und App zur Dokumentation sprachlicher Bildungsaktivitäten in der Kita - In: Mackowiak, Katja (Eds); Beckerle, Christine (Eds); Gentrup, Sarah (Eds); Titz, Cora (Eds): Forschungsinstrumente im Kontext institutioneller (schrift-)sprachlicher Bildung. Bad Heilbrunn : Verlag Julius Klinkhardt 2020, S. 55-78 - URN: urn:nbn:de:0111-pedocs-201444. DOI: 10.35468/5801_04

González-Campos, Diego, Olarte Dussán, Fredy, & Corredor Aristizabal, Javier. (2017). La alfabetización tecnológica: de la informática al desarrollo de competencias tecnológicas. Estudios pedagógicos (Valdivia), 43(1), 193-212. https://dx.doi.org/10.4067/S0718-07052017000100012.

Corredor, J.A., Castro, J.C., Jimenez, T.A., Narvaez, J.C., Penagos, J.A., Alviar, M.C., Gonzalez, D.A., Castro, D., & Bonilla, C. A. (2015). Los nuevos medios de la memoría: Herramientas digitales al servicio de la memoría histórica. DOI: 10.13140/RG.2.2.13593.26728

Research Grants

(08/2022). LEAD Graduate School & Research Network at the University of Tübingen (€ 9 615,36). Fütterer, T., Campos, D.G, Gfrörer, T., Lavelle-Hill, R., Scherer., R., Murayama., K.

(10/2017). Colfuturo Scholarship for High Achieving Students (US$ 29 930)


MAE4000 Data Science

MAE4050 Current Topics and Debates in Assessment and Evaluation

MAE4051 – Selected Topics in Educational Measurement

MAE4112 Multilevel Models

MAE4221 – Research Seminar I: Researcher's Skills

MAE4231 – Research Seminar II: Researcher’s Skills and Professional Communicatio


Yousufzai, M. (2022). The Relation between Mathematics Anxiety and Achievement: A Study of the Moderating Role of Immigration Background on PISA 2012 Norwegian Students. (Master Thesis)

Kharlamov, A (2021). Do Growth and Fixed Mindsets Go Together? Meta-analysis. (Master Thesis)


Campos, D. G. (2022). Synthesizing Individual Participant Data Obtained From Complex Sampling Surveys: A Two-Stage IPD Meta-Analysis Approach. AERA Special Interest Group In Systematic Reviews and Meta-Analysis: Online Seminar.

Campos, D. G., Cheung, M-W., & Scherer, R. (2022). Synthesizing research on complex sampling surveys: Two-stage meta-analysis with individual participant data. International Meeting of the Psychometric Society (IMPS)

Campos, D. G. & Scherer, R. (2022). Exploring the Role of Attitudes Toward ICT in the Gender Digital Divide: An analysis with International Large-Scale Assessment Data. Nordic Educational Research Association (NERA)

Campos, D. G., Kharlamov, A., & Scherer, R., (2022). Assessing Mindsets: A Meta-Analysis of the Reliability and Factor Structure of Dweck’s Mindset Scale. AERA Annual Meeting

Campos, D. G., Cheung, M-W., & Scherer, R. (2021). Meta-Analyzing International Large-Scale Assessment Data: An Application of the Split, Analyze, and Meta-Analyze (SAM) Approach. Research Synthesis and Big Data Conference 2021.

Campos, D. G.  (2021). A quest for the factors associated with collaborative problem solving. Get To Know CEMO

Campos, D. G., Cheung, M-W., & Scherer, R. (2021). When Meta-Analysis Meets International Large-Scale Assessment Data: Applications of the Two-Stage IPD Meta-Analysis Approach. 9th IEA: International Research Conference.

Campos, D. G.  (2021). Introduction to Meta-Analyses of Structural Equation Models with {metaSEM}. Use R Oslo



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Tags: Multilevel analysis, Meta-analysis, Structural equation modeling


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