Single Courses & Workshops

The research centre offers single courses that can also be attended by motivated externals or PhD students. You can apply for these courses on the individual course pages listed below. Please note that admission depends on your prior knowledge and on the availability of free places (Priority is given to our own students or other UiO students).

  • Due to the nature of the subject matter, most courses are quite intensive and hence you will not get much out of them if you only drop in on random sessions. Commitment is required in order to get a good learning experience out of the courses.
  • The free statistical software environment R is used in most of the courses.

We can also provide short courses or workshops on several topics regarding test design and construction, study design and general methodological issues, or statistical modelling and data analysis.

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Double-coded courses of the master programme

In these courses, you will join our current cohort of students of the Master of Science in Assessment, Measurement, and Evaluation. This means that teaching is organized with sessions of 1h45 on a frequent basis throughout the week. Most courses are scheduled in a block spanning for instance 8 weeks. The Data Science course is considered foundational for the other courses on the list. 


These courses are organized across smaller time spans (1-2 weeks), but then more densely scheduled (full days). The specific short-courses that are offered can vary year by year.


These workshops can be given by CEMO staff upon request depending on the availability of time and resources. Negotiation on timing, location, and compensation happens on a case-by-case basis. Contact the individual staff member listed for inquiries about a specific workshop.

  • Cognitive Diagnostic Models (contact: postdoc Chia-Wen Chen)
  • Computerized Adaptive Testing (contact: Prof.dr. Johan Braeken)
  • Explanatory Item Response Models (contact: Prof.dr. Johan Braeken)
  • Ipsative (ranking response) data analysis (contact: postdoc Chia-Wen Chen)
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