Department Administration

Persons 1 - 25 of 100
Name Phone E-mail Tags
Picture of Mohammad Razwan Afsar Afsar, Mohammad Razwan Senior Executive Officer Study administration, Research support
Aspelund, Solveig Adviser
Picture of Camilla Bakke Bakke, Camilla Senior Executive Officer +47 22858032 Study administration
Picture of Kristi Barcus-Sævareid Barcus-Sævareid, Kristi Adviser +47 22841221 Study administration
Picture of Andrey Belovodskiy Belovodskiy, Andrey Senior Executive Officer +47 22845818 Research administration, study administration, UV9040C, ToA, UNIT4 ERP, CRISTIN
Picture of Sanam Tariq Bhatti Bhatti, Sanam Tariq Senior Executive Officer +47 22841847
Picture of Anne Line Bjarke Bjarke, Anne Line Administrative Manager +47 22844708 +47 97954328
Picture of Julia Oliane Boesen Boesen, Julia Oliane Senior Executive Officer +47 22858005 Internships
Picture of Bjørn Bolstad Bolstad, Bjørn Senior Adviser 99705006
Picture of Eva Svihus Borgersen Borgersen, Eva Svihus Senior Executive Officer +47 22857780 Project administration
Picture of Karianne Berg Bratting Bratting, Karianne Berg Adviser
Picture of Marit Myhre Bredesen Bredesen, Marit Myhre Senior Executive Officer +47 22858023
Picture of Anna Girolami Bråthen Bråthen, Anna Girolami Senior Executive Officer
Picture of David Burke Burke, David Seniorkonsulent
Carlsen, Elin Sofie Higher Executive Officer +47 22856760 Study administration, Teacher Education Program
Picture of Marion Lunde Caspersen Caspersen, Marion Lunde EKVA
Picture of Marit Eline Lervik Christensen Christensen, Marit Eline Lervik Adviser +47 22858150 +47 97620226 Research communication, Research dissemination, web publishing, Web editor, Social media, podcast
Picture of Torgeir Christiansen Christiansen, Torgeir Chief Engineer +47 22854137 Data management, data sharing, FAIR, Data Management Plan
Picture of Yngvild Dahl Dahl, Yngvild Administrative Manager +47 22844138 Study administration
Picture of Maria Dikova Dikova, Maria Senior Adviser +47 22858898 QUINT, Nordic centre of excellence, research administration, research support, communication, web publishing, web editor
Picture of Toril Eggen Eggen, Toril Adviser +47 22855301 Research administration, Research support
Picture of Anna Eriksen Eriksen, Anna Senior Adviser +47 22844915
Picture of Tone Malmstedt Eriksen Eriksen, Tone Malmstedt Doctoral Research Fellow +47 22857457 Japan
Picture of Katja Evjen Evjen, Katja Senior Executive Officer Study administration, Research administration, Master team
Picture of Jon Erlend Fosvold Fosvold, Jon Erlend Senior Executive Officer +47 22855060 Reception