Submission of the thesis

What should you consider before submission?

Before submission

Familiarize yourself thoroughly with the requirements in the Regulations for the degree of Philosophiae Doctor (PhD) for theses. It will also be beneficial to read the Guidelines for the evaluation of Norwegian doctoral degrees at UiO. In particular, section 3.2 – Adjudication of the thesis may be relevant because these guidelines also serve as a guide for the adjudication committee's work. You will also no doubt have had many discussions with your supervisors and have completed a midway assessment and final seminar organized by the unit you are affiliated with. You will therefore have received an abundance of good advice and guidelines to read before your thesis is ready to be submitted.

The faculty does not have separate guidelines for the layout of the thesis other than stipulating that it should be tidy, clear and legible. An approved PhD thesis must be printed in the faculty's publication series. The faculty has an agreement with the Reprosentralen, which has devised its own layout recommendations.

Candidates who have undertaken the faculty's doctoral programme and whose admission agreements are still valid can apply for their doctoral work to be assessed for the PhD degree.

Documentation of training component

The completed training component must be approved by your Department before you can apply for your thesis to be adjudicated.

Since 2013, all candidates at the Faculty have used StudentWeb, where all completed courses must be registered. Other documentation must be submitted to the unit together with the application for approval of the educational component.

Remember that you are responsible for ensuring that the entire educational component is approved before submission.

Well in advance of submission

  • You and your supervisors must notify your department when the thesis is almost ready for submission. An adjudication committee will then be appointed.
  • Write a brief summary of the thesis (English and Norwegian) that can be sent to the appointed committee members.

How do you submit the thesis?

Where is the thesis submitted?

The thesis and associated documents must be submitted to the faculty’s administration. Send the application to the faculty at the following address: Faculty of Educational Sciences, PO Box 1161 Blindern, NO-0317 OSLO

What do you need to include with the submission?

  • Application for adjudication of the thesis
  • Two bound or stapled copies of the thesis. You are responsible for organizing reprints. The administration at your Department will give you the requisition.

  • The thesis in PDF format

  • Co-authorship declarations

Contents of the application

  • Contact details: name, address, telephone number/e-mail address.
  • Information on where and when the work was carried out.
  • Title of the thesis and a stipulation of whether the thesis is a monograph or is article-based.
  • Article-based theses: overview of articles in the thesis: where and when they were published, the status of the articles (published, accepted for publication, submission pending)
  • Declaration that the doctoral work is being submitted for adjudication for the first/second time, and that the thesis has not been submitted for adjudication at another institution.
  • Name of your supervisor(s) and their contact details.
  • If you are not a doctoral research fellow at the faculty, include information from your employer concerning your leave of absence during the period.
  • If your thesis is made up of joint works with co-authors, include a co-author declaration specifying the contributors and their contribution.
  • If the thesis is a continuation of a Master’s dissertation, you can specify this.
  • Verified copy of Master’s degree/postgraduate degree.
  • Do not make any recommendations for the adjudication committee.
  • A brief summary of the thesis in English and Norwegian (electronic and hard copy). Using no more than 25 lines (Times 12 point), the summary must include the following information:

a. the subject area of the thesis

b. the research questions/hypotheses in the thesis

c. the methods and data used

d. main conclusions and findings that are central to the outcome of the research

e. whether the findings can be exemplified with a utility value

f. where the work was carried out

Are you submitting a revised thesis

Are you submitting a revised thesis?

If you have received a recommendation to submit a revised version of the thesis within a specific deadline, you must submit it to the Faculty’s administration in the same way as described above. Submission of a revised thesis will be considered to be part of the first submission. Include a cover letter to the adjudication committee marked ‘Submission of revised thesis’, giving a brief account of the changes.

Are you submitting for the second time?

The submission procedure is the same as for first submission.

Submitted theses cannot be recalled

You cannot recall a thesis that has been submitted for adjudication.

What happens after submission?

You will normally be notified of the composition of the adjudication committee within four weeks of submission.

What should I do whilst awaiting the decision of the adjudication committee?

Prepare the thesis for printing in the Faculty’s publication series, including an errata list for the thesis where necessary.  

Prepare a personal details form etc. For further information, see adjudication, trial lecture and public defence etc. See also the faculty’s procedures and advice for finalizing a doctoral degree.

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