Recommended guidelines for the extended abstract to a dissertation compiled of articles

Discussed by the Programme Council for organised research training (doctoral programme) during the meeting dated 1 December 2008, with the approval of the Dean on 5 February 2009. Adjusted during the meeting held by the Programme Council on 21 September 2011, approved by the Dean on 18 October 2011, , adjusted in September 2017 and  approved by the Dean on 2 October 2017.

The final work on the extended abstract should take place towards the end of the work on the doctoral degree. However, the extended abstract shall provide an outline of the work, so that a comprehensive perspective is laid out at an early stage of the working process. The introductory work required for the extended abstract may help raise awareness of the overall perspective required for the dissertation. At the same time, it is perfectly natural for the extended abstract to be modified during the process in relation to the development in form and content of the articles.

Below you will find some recommended items you are advised to follow

  • The extended abstract shall outline and give reasons for the theoretical perspectives, the issues and the conclusions presented in the articles, so that the dissertation can be presented as a whole. The extended abstract shall categorize the results of the individual articles so that it illustrates the internal cohesion between these pieces of work.
  • The extended abstract shall illustrate and summarise the contribution made by the dissertation to the research field in question. The extended abstract shall substantiate the choice of research issue and/or hypotheses.
  • Both the complexity and nuances of individual results shall be discussed in the light of methodical, scientific theory and theoretical issues. The extended abstract must contain the necessary level of theoretical and methodical evaluations related to the work on the doctoral degree as long as this is not outlined and discussed in articles in the dissertation. The extended abstract shall also indicate where to locate definitions or detailed explanations of individual subjects within the dissertation.
  • The extended abstract shall highlight and discuss the ethical aspects of the work.
  • The extended abstract shall contain academic updates when required in relation to the articles' publication date or date of completion.
  • The extended abstract shall be compiled by the doctoral candidate alone.
  • The extended abstract shall have a maximum scope of between 40 – 60  pages, excluding references and appendices.
  • Please discuss the extended abstract with your supervisor.
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