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Master's Thesis in Special Needs Education

On this website we have gathered the information you need to know with regards to the Master's Thesis. The information is intended for students of the master's programme in Special Needs Education

What should I write my thesis on? 

Project planning - Research proposal

The Master's Thesis is based on the research proposal compiled during the compulsory master’s thesis seminar.

You may choose to do the data-collection abroad, i.e. in your home country. 

Two students can choose to write their thesis together, i.e. co-author a master thesis. 

Writing the Master's Thesis

Before you start working on your master's thesis it is important that you familiarise yourself with the requirements for the Master's Thesis

Tips and help with writing


A signed supervision agreement must be submitted to the Department of special needs education by 1st of February.

Submit your supervision agreement



Privacy protection and Research Papers

Loans of Research Equipment and Assessment Tools

Would you like a printed copy of your Master's Thesis?

The Department of Special Education covers the costs of one printed copy of your Master's Thesis, with the condition that you use UiO's Print Centre. Select black/white two-sided print. You will have to cover the costs for pages that contain colors yourself. 

When you order, use the location code 18150000 and budget code 102498002.

Assessment and grading

The Master's thesis is assessed by an examination committee consisting of two examiners, at least one of whom must be an external examiner. The candidate’s supervisor cannot be one of these persons. The Master's Thesis is assessed against the criteria defined in the assessment guidelines. The examination committee must reach a consensus regarding the grade. 

The grading deadline for master's theses is 8 weeks.  A written explanation of the grade will be published together with the grade in Studentweb on the date of the deadline. 


When you have completed a study programme, your diploma is issued automatically. The diploma will be sent to the adress registered in Studentweb. Make sure the adress you have registered is correct. 

If you want to improve the results that constitute part of a degree, you can defer your diploma for up to two semesters. 

If you have questions regarding your diploma contact the Student information center at the faculty


Course page

Reading Rooms and Group Rooms

As a student at the Faculty of Educational Sciences you have access to the reading rooms and group rooms at Helga Engs hus. Master's students may apply for a permanent desk. 

Previous Master's Theses from the Department of Special Needs Education

Do you need someone to talk to about your studies?

  • The Department administration has drop-in hours on Wednesdays from 12:15am -2:00pm
  • You may also book an appointment with a student adviser through UV Student Information Centre

SiO Health

SiO Health receive many inquiries from students who are struggling. If you are struggling with stress, loneliness, motivation or anxiety, don't hesitate to contact SiO Health to book an appointment with one of their counselors and therapists. 

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