Facts and figures

The Department of Teacher Education and School Research (ILS) aims to sustain and further develop its position as a leading academic milieu in Norway within the fields of teacher education, subject didactics, educational leadership and school relevant educational research.

By educating teachers and school leaders based on leading school research ILS aims to shape future education in Norway. The department employs around 140 people consisting of researchers, techical and administrative staff, and has about 1000 students. We are located at the Faculty of Educational Sciences at the University of Oslo. The department was established in 1996, but has a history with roots as far as to Pedagogical Seminar, which was established in Oslo in 1907.

Key figures for 2020

Academic publications  121
Master programmes, five year  1
Master programmes, experience-based  1
One-year programmes  3
Courses  65
Programs for Continuing Education  3
Academic Full-time equivalents (FTEs)  86,6
Administrative Full-time equivalents (FTEs) 45
Postdoctoral Fellows  6
PhD research fellows  19,3
Budget  139 mill.
Part of budget funded from external sources  37 %


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