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Interdisciplinary learning environments: Student learning and teachers' teaching (PhD-project)

The phd-project is an empirical investigation of interdisciplinary learning environments where teachers facilitate students to address various societal challenges related to their contemporaries and future.

Students and teachers in front of a laptop. Illustration photo.

How do students meet interdisciplinary societal challenges? Illustration photo:

About the project

Today's and future societal challenges directly intervene in students' world of life, which influence their commitment and participation in society. My PhD-project focuses on interdisciplinary learning environments that help prepare students to meet everyday and working life in a democratic and complex society challenged by a changing world. I will approach this empirically by having a three-part focus where I Investigate:
1.    How teachers facilitate the development of active, engaged and exploratory students
2.    How students participate and learn in open and unfamiliar contexts
3.    How students understanding materialises in products they develop in collaboration with others


The PhD-project is anchored in a socio-cultural understanding of learning and teaching. Furthermore, this empirical study has a case-study design where data is collected through a) observations and video recordings of classroom interactions over time, b) interviews of teachers and students, and c) collection of teaching materials and products that the students have developed along the way. The data material is collected in collaboration with the research project EVA2020.


The project is a four-year doctoral research project (2021–2025), financed by the Faculty of Educational Sciences at the University of Oslo.

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Sigrid Ernstsen

Doctoral research fellow


Anniken Furberg (hovedveileder)

Kari Anne Rødnes (medveileder)

Hans Christian Arnseth (medveileder)

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